Blogs — October 2016


Technical — Cassandra Feature Releases

Instaclustr Support for OEM Apache Cassandra

Wednesday 26th October 2016 by Doug Stuart

Increasingly software developers are choosing Apache Cassandra as the data store for packaged software products. Typically, this is due to Cassandra’s industry leading levels of availability, reliability and scalability. However, many end customers for these software products, and even the software developers themselves, may have limited or no experience supporting Cassandra in an operational environment. Instaclustr’s Support […]

Technical Technical — Cassandra

Demystifying Cassandra’s broadcast_address

Tuesday 11th October 2016 by Instaclustr

When configuring Apache Cassandra to work in a new environment or with a new application or service we sometimes find ourselves asking “What’s the difference between broadcast_address and broadcast_rpc_address again?”. The difference is broadcast_address relates to gossip and node to node communications, whereas broadcast_rpc_address is associated with client connections. Read on for more details. The Cassandra configuration file has a few interdependent properties […]