Blogs — September 2018


Technical Popular Technical — Kafka

Anomalia Machina 1: Massively Scalable Anomaly Detection With Apache Kafka and Cassandra

Friday 28th September 2018 by Paul Brebner

anomalia—Latin (1) irregularity, anomaly machina—Latin (1) machine, tool, (2) scheme, plan, machination What do you get if you combine Anomalia and Machina? Machine Anomaly—A broken machine (Machina Anomalia) Irregular Machinations—Too political (Anomalia Machina, 2nd definition) Anomaly Machine! (Anomalia Machina, 1st definition) Let’s Build the Anomalia Machina! A Steampunk Anomalia Machina—possibly, I actually have no clue […]
Anomalia Machina 1 – Massively Scalable Anomaly Detection with Apache Kafka and Cassandra

Technical Popular Technical — Cassandra

Why We Built an Open Source Cassandra-Operator to Run Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes

Thursday 13th September 2018 by Ben Bromhead

As Kubernetes becomes the de facto for container orchestration, more and more developers (and enterprises) want to run Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes. It’s easy to get started with this – especially considering the capabilities that Kubernetes’ StatefulSets bring to the table. Kubernetes, though, certainly has room to improve when it comes to storing data in-state […]