The best way to deploy
Apache Cassandra in the cloud.

Instaclustr lets developers effortlessly run and scale the world's most powerful NoSQL database across multiple cloud hosting providers.

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Zero Effort Cassandra

Spend more time building your app and less time fighting infrastructure.

Instaclustr provisions, configures and tunes Apache Cassandra to perfection letting you get started in a matter of minutes.

Your effortless cluster includes:

  • Automated deployments
  • Automated scaling
  • Performance tuning

Total Assurance and Visibility

Your Cassandra cluster is in good hands with managed backups and constant monitoring. Instaclustr also provides in-depth visibility into your cluster and data via our Dashboard and Datastax OpsCenter community edition.

Your fully-assured cluster includes:

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Backups
  • OpsCenter community edition by Datastax
  • Patching and updates

World Class Support

All clusters receive world class 24/7 support with access to on-call engineers for all issues experience with your cluster. Rest easy knowing that professional help is only a support ticket away.

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Astonishing Performance

Every Cassandra cluster launched on Instaclustr is tuned to perfection to obtain the best performance possible from the underlying hardware.

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Datastax Enterprise

With in-memory computing capabilities, enterprise-level security, fast & powerful built-in analytics and high-performance search, Datastax Enterprise provides the best data processing stack you can ask for.

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The best way to deploy Apache Cassandra in the cloud.

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