We are proud to announce our partnership with DataStax, which brings the excellent DataStax Enterprise platform to Instaclustr.

Our partnership with DataStax allows us to bring a raft of awesome features to Instaclustr, such as Apache Hadoop analytics and Apache Solr search, through DataStax Enterprise. Our partnership with DataStax will also bring their breadth of knowledge and experience to the Instaclustr platform.

Some of the key features DataStax Enterprise brings to Instaclustr include:

  • Unlimited scalability – With Cassandra’s distributed architecture at its core, DataStax Enterprise enables you to achieve massive scalability using low-cost commodity hardware. It’s versatile enough to handle terabytes to petabytes of data and thousands of concurrent users/operations per second across many datacenters as easily as it does much smaller data volumes. Better still, with DataStax Enterprise, not only can you scale in a linear fashion as much as you need, you can do so with no loss of throughput, as you invariably get when attempting to scale traditional or other NoSQL systems.
  • Ensure that your data remains safe – Securing data against theft and the malicious misuse of applications is a prime mission for any organization who conducts business across any network – internal or on the Web. That includes just about everyone these days. With DataStax Enterprise, you get the most comprehensive security feature set of any NoSQL solution on the market. You can deploy with confidence in environments where data security is a top priority because it contains the sorts of security capabilities today’s advanced applications need to protect sensitive data.
  • Manage complex workloads – DataStax Enterprise solves the mixed workload problem that has plagued enterprises for years. It enables you to perform real-time, analytic and search operations on the same data at the same time without performance hits. In contrast to traditional systems, diverse workloads in DataStax don’t compete with one another for compute resources. Instead, you have the option to run them in parallel on separate nodes in the same database cluster. Data also moves much faster between workloads in DataStax Enterprise. That’s because the platform eliminates the need for complicated extract-transform-load (ETL) operations that traditional systems must use to transfer data among real-time systems, analytic databases or search systems. In DataStax Enterprise, data moves transparently and automatically with no additional action required.
  • A Complete package – In addition to its enhanced data security and management capabilities, DataStax Enterprise comes with a full slate of training, support and consultation services, enabling you to get the most bang for your investment. You get 24×7 expert support, certified software updates, built-in data migration capabilities for both RDBMS and application log data and much more.

Contact us now to enquire about upgrading your cluster to DataStax Enterprise on your cluster.

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