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Instaclustr Releases Certified Apache Cassandra® 4

Instaclustr is pleased to release our Certification Report and updated Project Assessment Report for Apache Cassandra 4.0.

We first announced our Certification Framework and Apache Cassandra certification process in 2019. The Instaclustr Certification Framework formalizes the overall process of considering open source for inclusion in the Instaclustr SaaS platform. The two key stages are: 

  1. Assessment, where we consider the governance, adoption, and liveliness of the project, and 
  2. Certification, where we develop a test plan and undertake independent technical testing of a specific software release or version. Both phases result in a detailed, publicly available report of the work we have undertaken.

Key highlights of the Cassandra 4.0 Certification Report include:

  • Performance testing (latency and throughput) comparing the current version to the previous two released versions for multiple use cases
  • 24-hour soak testing (including repairs and replaces) including garbage collection time
  • Shakedown testing against popular drivers
  • CVE scanning results and impact analysis of open CVEs

The overall conclusion of our testing is that we have found Cassandra 4.0 to be a positive step forward from Cassandra 3.x. In particular, we found significant improvements in tail latencies (p95 and p99) and throughput and latency improvements for most use cases. We did find one test where Cassandra 4.0 performed slightly worse than Cassandra 3.11.8, so we do recommend testing your individual use case before upgrading.

Download the reports

  1. Cassandra Project Assessment Report
  2. Cassandra Test Plan
  3. Cassandra Certification report