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Managed Service for Elassandra provided by Instaclustr

Elassandra gives you the power of ElasticSearch to search your data directly from Cassandra – without developing custom integration or synchronisation code.

Instaclustr, the best way to run Apache Cassandra in the cloud, is excited to announce the expansion of our platform from Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark to include Elassandra and Kibana as an option for our customers to be the world’s most reliable and scaleable applications.

Elassandra is a relatively new open source product that was announced to the world at last year’s Cassandra Summit (Elassandra: Elasticsearch as C* Secondary Index). We at Instaclustr immediately saw the value and were excited to make this part of our managed service offering. Since that announcement, we have been working closely with the developers of Elassandra to build first class support for Elassandra in our managed service.

We’re now reaching the conclusion of that development cycle and are very happy to announce that Instaclustr Managed Elassandra and Kibana will be available in initial release at the end of this month.

Our Elassandra and Kibana offering will provide:

  • The ability to use ElasticSearch functionality to retrieve data stored in Cassandra through CQL using an ElasticSearch-based secondary index.
  • The ability to retrieve data stored in Cassandra through standard ElasticSearch REST APIs.
  • Kibana – a powerful user interface to explore, analyse and visualise your data via search.
  • All of this, provisioned within minutes and monitored, managed and supported by Instaclustr’s renowned managed service capability.

We will be publishing a lot more information about our Elassandra offering over the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you would like further information or would like to be considered for inclusion in private beta testing then please contact [email protected].