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Update released for Instaclustr sstable analysis tools for Apache Cassandra

Instaclustr is pleased to announce the latest update for it’s open-sourced sstable analysis tools for Apache Cassandra.

These tools, first released in February 2017, help operators to gain an accurate picture of the on-disk data stored by Cassandra which can be invaluable in diagnose and resolving operational issues.

A full run-through of the existing functionality of the tools can be found in this blog post.

This latest release, available in source from Instaclustr Github or in compiled download from our support page,

  • Improved support of TWCS – sorting by maximum timestamp in the sstable listing
  • For Apache Cassandra 3.x, ic-cfstats reports about rows including:
    • Total number of rows
    • Total number of row deletions
    • A row histogram giving number of rows per partition
    • Largest partitions/widest partitions report includes number of rows and how many row deletions
    • Added a Most Deleted Rows section reporting partitions with most row deletions
    • Tombstone Leaders and SSTable Leaders reports number of rows
  • ic-cfstats and ic-pstats includes histogram of partition sizes and sstables/partition in the summary

Instaclustr uses these tools to help support customers on our Apache Cassandra Managed Service and provides support for the use of the tools for our Apache Cassandra Enterprise Support customers.