Simply put…..our customers elect to focus on innovating, building their app and engaging with their customers, not running infrastructure.

A fully managed service

Leave the management, monitoring and maintenance of Apache Cassandra and the underlying infrastructure to the experts.

Instaclustr provides a fully managed service. Our managed Apache Cassandra solutions power mission-critical, highly available applications for our customers.

Our customers use our service because they:

  • want to focus development resources and efforts on their app and core business,
  • need to get it right the first time by using experts in Cassandra,
  • have an existing investment in Cassandra that need some help to stabilise their environment,
  • are looking to adopt and use Cassandra, but haven’t got time to navigate the new tech curve.

Instaclustr’s managed service helps customers with all of these problems by taking the infrastructure load off your shoulders.


Find out more about our 100% uptime guarantee.


Managed and in the cloud

Cloud is a natural fit for technologies like Cassandra that scale horizontally. Our service lets you easily host nodes in multiple regions with flexible pricing models.  Combine this with Cassandra’s ability to scale applications rapidly, means that companies can tightly control the costs of managing their production infrastructure through a predictable monthly spend.

We provide an all inclusive service that includes both the price of our service and the underlying hardware and hosting fees.


Instaclustr offers availability SLAs of up to 100% uptime with associated service credits of up to 100% of monthly fees.

This is an industry-leading offering which reflects:

  • Our confidence in Cassandra as a rock-solid platform for mission critical applications.
  • Our understanding that for many customers the choice of Cassandra and Instaclustr means that they are expecting continuous availability, this is our our desire to respect the confidence you place in us.
  • Our expertise, based on our 100s of thousands of node-hours of experience running Cassandra and in the management systems that we have in place to ensure availability of your Cassandra service.

It is our availability architecture in conjunction with Cassandra’s continuous availability capability that allows us to offer a 100% uptime SLA. 

Our tiered SLA model is only possible because of Cassandra’s inherent scalability, reliability and manageability and the fact that, unlike most other database systems, Cassandra is actually more manageable and reliable as the cluster scales out.

Instaclustr builds on the inherent availability features of Cassandra and the underlying cloud providers in order to provide a highly available Cassandra service that meets and exceeds the service standards. The key features of this architecture are summarised below.


Instaclustr provides distributed cluster nodes through Cassandra


Cassandra allows distribution of cluster servers across cloud provider failure zones. Cassandra’s rack concept is designed to group servers within a cluster where the likelihood of a failure is correlated and to provide ongoing availability despite the failure of a group of servers.

Instaclustr’s architecture maps Cassandra’s rack concept to AWS’s availability zone and Azure’s fault domain concept which designate groups of servers with a correlated likelihood of failure. The servers in a cluster are then distributed equally across racks. This means that the deployed cluster architecture will be optimally aligned with the cloud provider’s likely availability.



Cassandra, by design, is resilient to failure of multiple nodes. Additionally, if your environment is configured correctly failure of multiple nodes can still provide 100% availability. With a consistency level of one, Cassandra will still be able to read and write data with the failure of up to two complete rack’s worth of servers.

Instaclustr’s architecture and recommended customer configuration distributes at least one copy of each piece of data in each rack.  Once nodes are restored, Cassandra will automatically bring the servers in sync with any missed writes.



Cassandra’s architecture allows nodes to be replaced within a cluster with no interruption to the service provided by the cluster. Instaclustr’s automated provisioning system makes these operations easy and highly reliable.  This also applies for the addition of new nodes to support rapid scaling.

Clusters managed by us can therefore be scaled out or have faulty nodes replaced (as is often required in a cloud environment) in short time frames with very little risk.

Non Dependence


Customer nodes are not reliant on Instaclustr software for runtime services. While Instaclustr’s own software is engineered and tested to high standards,we recognise that your application should not depend on our software to continue to run.

We have engineered our system to ensure there are no runtime dependencies between a customer’s Cassandra service being available and Instaclustr’s management and provisioning systems operating.


“Instaclustr has been instrumental in helping us manage, scale, and optimize our Cassandra deployment, allowing us to focus on delivering a great product to our customers.”

Jason Wu

Chief Technology Officer, AdStage

“Instaclustr provided just the help we needed at a critical point in our adoption of Cassandra. We view Instaclustr as an important partner for our successful use of Cassandra and look forward to working with them in the future as we ramp up our adoption of this exciting technology.”

Cameron Newman

Director of Engineering - Platform, Campaign Monitor

“Instaclustr has enabled us to get underway quickly, the support team have been there from the beginning helping us to get it right the first time with our schema and architecture.” 

Richard Wilson

Co-Founder, Maths Pathway


Hosted Cassandra with 24/7/365 expert support by instaclustr


Customer support delivered by our specialist on-call support engineers with thousands of hours DevOps experience with Apache Cassandra and complementary technologies.

Hosted Cassandra with expert monitoring and alerting by Instaclustr


Node monitoring and alerting for events of interest including performance and latency, disk capacity and node responsiveness. Customized alerting is also possible through our monitoring architecture.

Hosted Cassandra with zero outage migrations by instaclustr


We work with you as part of our service to migrate your data from an existing self-managed environment to the Instaclustr environment with zero outage and continued availability throughout the process.

Backups and snapshots of Cassandra hosted by instaclustr


We schedule off-node backups of all data on a daily basis and these are available for restoration in the event of a significant disaster in your cluster. Additionally, Cassandra automatically takes snapshots of your data when you perform certain high-risk operations (such as truncations) and we can assist with restoration where necessary to retrieve your data.

Instaclustr provides updates and patch management with hosted Cassandra


Our high-availability architecture ensures continuous operations through node upgrades including database version upgrades.   We also provide continued monitoring and testing of for patch and security updates and we apply these to your nodes as required. All with zero downtime.

Hosted Cassandra with health checks and repairs by instaclustr


We regularly assess the health of your cluster both through our automated systems and manual checks. Where we detect issues we either undertake repairs, often with our automated operations tooling, or provide advice for you to address them where they relate to your application’s usage of Cassandra.

Application dashboard provided by Instaclustr for Hosted Cassandra


Customised dashboard with access to DataStax OpsCenter to monitor the health of your nodes and clusters. We also provide an interface for billing and overall management of your services.

hosted Cassandra with dedicated support portal by intsaclustr


The Instaclustr Support Portal provides a separate and dedicated interface for submitting and tracking support requests and also accessing all of our support and user documentation.   Our customers can also access our Instaclustr Status Page through this portal providing indications of incidents or planned outages.

Hosted Cassandra with amazing speed performance provided by instaclustr


We have tuned our nodes to perfection and you can expect sub-10ms latency where the application is hosted in the same region as the Cassandra cluster. Tuning and the performance characteristics of Cassandra enable us to achieve this amazing performance.

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