Citizen Services

Citizen Services

From education to health, taxation and social services, governments are dealing with increasing volumes of data, budget pressure and citizen expectations. Instaclustr’s technologies can help meet those demands.

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Deliver better services for citizens

Governments and others providing citizen services are challenged to innovate to meet the competing needs of better services and reduced costs. Instaclustr’s focus on open source technology allows both objectives to be met with a proven, low-risk implementation approach.

  • Apache Cassandra provides always-on availability and the ability to deal with vast amount of data for costs that are a fraction of that demanded by the traditional database vendors
  • Apache Spark helps you make sense of that data and deliver personalised experiences and risk management based on deep insights from your data.
  • Elassandra (Elasticsearch+Cassandra) with Kibana gives you more power to explore and visualise your data and integrate search capabilities into your application.

Experience matters

Instaclustr has worked with government agencies around the globe and understands that government agencies have specific requirements. Contacts us to discuss how your agency can start to leverage the power of open source technology and the cloud.

Limitless Scale

The Apache Cassandra database technology scales horizontally and linearly to huge quantities of data. This gives our customers the ability to scale their infrastructure with their ever increasing data loads without having to worry about the difficulties inherent in scaling traditional SQL databases.


Apache Cassandra alongwith Apache Spark has ability to perform deep analytics at lightning-fast speed and present the results back in near real-time. This is fundamental to delivering a suitable personalization solution to citizens.

Lower Costs

Solutions for citizens are often either community driven or government funded. Apache Cassandra’s ability to run commodity hardware is unparalleled in value. Our fully managed service also ensures that you don’t need to invest in a team of Cassandra DevOps personnel.


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