Collaboration & Messaging

Collaboration & Messaging

Success for a social application is going viral. Your applications needs to run in an environment that can reliably cope with explosive growth and free you to focus on creating and delivering a unique experience for your users.

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Limitless engagement, continuous availability and scale.

Instaclustr manage the technologies (Cassandra, Spark , Elassandra) that are the foundation to many of the world’s most successful social application. We manage technologies that are proven to scale and deliver 24/7 reliability so that you can focus on developing the functionality that makes your application unique and deliver an extraordinary user experience.

  • Apache Cassandra provides a datastore that provides low latency for small updates and reads (individual messages), always on availability and limitless scale.
  • Apache Spark gives you a powerful analytics engines, integrated with the Cassandra database to understand your data and integrate analytics and machine learning with your application.
  • Elassandra delivers Elasticsearch integrated with Cassandra to provide industry-leading search capabilities directly on data maintained in your Cassandra database. For simpler search requirements, the Lucene plug-in for Cassandra is also available.

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You need a robust database infrastructure that could easily scale to any size across multiple data centers, with zero downtime. See how our customers are able to achieve reliability at scale with Instaclustr’s Managed Solution.

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