Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

True digital transformation can’t be limited by scalability or reliability of your technology. Building on Instaclustr allows you to focus on business value and customer innovation.

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Instaclustr is the foundation for your Digital Transformation.

Established companies across all industries are under increasing pressure to deploy the efficiency and customer service advantages of digital transformation. Instaclustr’s managed open source technologies provide an environment you would need to innovate and quickly realise the benefits of digital transformation.

From our consulting services to help you understand the application of our technology to your business needs, through to our managed service providing a robust, ready-made environment to run your application, Instaclustr can take care of the technology foundation to help you transform your business for the digital age. Our technologies will provide the always-on, scalable foundation to allow you to engage with your customers how, when and where they want.

Grow and scale with Instaclustr

The growth and increasingly dynamic nature of data and its uses are outpacing traditional infrastructure and platforms. Relational databases are now required to scale far more than single instances. Instaclustr managed solutions, help you achieve scalability that would be the foundation of digital transformation of your organization.

Digital Transformation Customers Instaclustr

Enterprise Pricing

Do you have more than 30 nodes that you are looking to manage? We have enterprise agreements that provide a scalable pricing approach for larger deployments.

Run In Your Own Account

Are you already operating in AWS or Azure and would prefer to run within your own account? Many of our larger enterprise customers run our service from within their own AWS or Azure account in the cloud.

On Premise

Do you have an existing deployment in your own private datacenter? We can still deliver our Cassandra expertise and help you to monitor, tune and repair your nodes and clusters.

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