Apache Cassandra is the perfect database for Internet of Things technologies and storing sensor data.



The Internet has exploded with network-aware and connected devices that are generating, tracking, and sharing data.  The management solutions needed to collect, store and analyze the data created can be overwhelming.  Apache Cassandra is the perfect solution for ingesting a vast amount of time-series data that comes directly from devices and sensors that are deployed through global locations.

We have a number of customers that have massive deployed Internet-of-Things applications collections vast amounts of data from millions of users and deployed devices.   Our users are looking for a platform that is fully managed and has the ability to scale out rapidly as demand increases.  In addition, this ability to scale cannot be compromised by downtime, adding more capacity has to be done in a continuous manner.

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The obvious need for any successful IoT capability is having the ability to scale and to do s0 rapidly.  The connection and integration and communications of countless devices requires the ability to scale out in a linear manner.  Cassandra provides the ability to simply add more nodes to add more capacity as your dataset grows.



Cassandra was built from the ground up with the requirement of being an always-on architecture.  The Cassandra architecture ensures that there is no single point of failure resulting in continuous availability for business-critical applications that can’t afford to go down, ever.  When you application is collecting, storing and analyzing data from potentially millions of devices, it needs to be always available.



Apache Cassandra’s ability to run commodity hardware is unparalleled in value.  Our fully managed service also ensures that you don’t need to invest in a team of Cassandra DevOps personnel. Our customers focus efforts on building their application and not on maintaining the backend.

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