Conversant 101 North Upper Wacker Drive 23 Floor Chicago, IL 60606 United States Thursday 14th March 2019

Chicago Area Kafka Enthusiasts Meetup – Apache Kafka: Optimizing Your Deployment

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Understanding and adhering to the latest best practices for leveraging the powerful open source Apache Kafka data streaming platform will ensure that your deployment is far more effective, efficient, and simple to manage.

This session will provide developers with specific and very actionable steps for optimizing their Kafka deployments and realizing more of the open source technology’s potential. Attendees already using or considering open source Apache Kafka will come away with acute knowledge of how to:

  • Set log configuration parameters to keep logs manageable
  • Take advantage of Kafka’s (low) hardware requirements
  • Leverage Apache ZooKeeper to its fullest
  • Set up replication and redundancy the right way
  • Be careful with topic configurations
  • Use parallel processing
  • Configure and isolate Kafka with security in mind
  • Avoid outages by raising the Ulimit
  • Maintain a low network latency
  • Utilize effective monitoring and alerts

Speaker: Ben Bromhead, CTO of Instaclustr