Facebook Building 24 200 Jefferson Drive Menlo Park, CA 94025 United States Wednesday 20th February 2019

Apache Cassandra Bay Area Meetup – Cassandra Traffic Management at Instagram

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This meetup will take place at Instagram HQ and will include a talk from Instagram and Instaclustr on all things Cassandra!

First talk: Cassandra Traffic Management at Instagram
Cassandra has been deployed for many years at Instagram and is still growing fast. Over the years, we’ve constantly improved the design of our infrastructure: we’ve introduced Cassandra proxy nodes to decouple the processing and storage workloads, we’ve developed Rocksandra, a new storage engine relying on RocksDB that reduced the GC pressure and improved the efficiency of our clusters. Lately, we’ve added an intermediate layer in our Cassandra infrastructure, where we could add many traffic optimizations to further improve our Cassandra clusters efficiency and reliability. This talk will explain in details this new component and the results we’ve observed.

Bio: Michaël Figuière is a software engineer at Instagram where he focuses on improving its Cassandra infrastructure for a better efficiency and reliability. Previously, he worked on other large scale Cassandra deployments at Netflix and Apple and he lead the Cassandra drivers team at DataStax.

Second Talk: Cassandra and Kubernetes
Kubernetes has become the most popular container orchestration and management API with cloud-native support from AWS, GCP, Azure and a growing enterprise support ecosystem. Leveraging Kubernetes to provide tested, repeatable deployment patterns that follow best practices is a win for both developers and operators.

In this talk Adam Zegelin, Co-Found of Instaclustr, will introduce the Cassandra Kubernetes Operator, a Cassandra controller that provides robust, managed Cassandra deployments on Kubernetes. By adopting Kubernetes and Cassandra, you can provide DBaaS like services rapidly and easily to the rest of your team and have a simple on-ramp to true multi-cloud capabilities to your environment.