Tuesday 3rd September 2019

EMEA Webinar – Apache Cassandra 101 Guide Part 2

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About this webinar
Instaclustr is back with part 2 of Apache Cassandra 101 webinar series with an aim to help Software Engineers, Database developers, DBA, DevOps, Enterprise or Solution Architects, take the next step in their journey of learning and making the best use of Apache Cassandra.

In part-1 of this series, we looked at Cassandra basics, compared it with RDBMS for good and bad, and then moved on to explore concepts like replication, partitioning, token ranges, consistency.

In part 2, we will explore in detail how Cassandra stores data i.e. write path and how data is retrieved i.e. read path. In this process, you will learn about some key concepts like memtable, SSTables, Co-ordinator, Compaction, Bloom filter, Row and key caches etc.