Canberra Innovation Network 1 Moore Street #5 Canberra, ACT 2601 Tuesday 26th February 2019

Canberra Big Data Meetup- Introduction to Graphs and Neo4j

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This Meetup will feature two talks:

First talk: Introduction to Graphs and Neo4j

Abstract: Neo4j is a leading open-source graph database and platform. You will learn how Neo4j works and where graph databases fit into today’s Big Data world. We will look at several real-life use cases such as relevant search and real-time recommendations, fraud detection, network impact analysis, and crime prevention / national security. We will discuss the importance of context-awareness and touch upon explainable AI and Graph-Powered Machine Learning. We will conclude with some demos and a Q&A session.

Bio: This talk will be presented by Michal Bachman, Founder and CEO of GraphAware, a boutique yet global graph data consultancy.

Second talk: Exploring Geo Spatial Data with Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Elasticsearch is a versatile toolset for many types of data. In this talk we will focus on some of the basics around geospatial data. Covering the basics around indexing and querying. Then we will look at visualizing geo spatial data in Kibana. Combining aggregate searches with map visualisations provides fundamental tooling for exploring and discovering insights into your data. Being able to see patterns depicted with heatmaps helps to quickly give understanding and comprehension of your data. We will follow through an example showing the benefits of visualising data on a maps in Kibana.