Codecentric AG Elsenheimerstraße 55A 80687 Munich Germany Tuesday 7th May 2019

Munich Meetup – Developing optimised Java Applications for Cassandra

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Cassandra is a highly available, linearly scalable, fault-tolerant database that can offer extremely high throughput and low latency. It has now become de-facto choice for applications that demand high availability, fault-tolerance and performance. But the effectiveness of your Cassandra solution can be limited if the client application doesn’t access Cassandra database in an efficient manner.

This Meetup will walk you through techniques around developing an effective Cassandra client application that is performing and fault-tolerant. We will explore various options available in Cassandra Java Driver that can help achieve these goals.

The talk will include:

– Creating a robust cluster and Session object taking into account options like pooling, load balancing, reconnection policy.

– Retry policy and Query idempotence.

– Prepared statements.

– Handling avoidable tombstones.

– Handling data consistency across multiple tables while maintaining throughput.

Due to building security, registration is required for entry to this event.

Snacks and refreshments will be provided.