Elsenheimerstraße 55A 80687 München Germany Thursday 8th June 2017

Munich NoSQL Meetup


Cassandra, From POC to PROD

At Instaclustr we run Cassandra in the public cloud as a service, we also provide support and consulting to help companies running Cassandra who are not quite ready for the public cloud. In this talk, I will run through getting ready to deploy Cassandra in production and what issues and challenges you may experience during the first 6 months of production.

This talk is aimed at experienced DBAs, DevOps and operations teams who might become accidental Cassandra DBAs and are looking to gain some critical knowledge to help them get through the first 6 months of a production Cassandra deployment, or for those who are just interested in hearing about a realistic journey for going into production with Cassandra. This talk will cover:

  • High-level overview of Cassandra and how it works
  • Data model considerations
  • Planning for production (setup, benchmarking, availability planning)
  • Issues you may face in production and how to fix them. Christophe has been an engineer and consultant at Instaclustr for more than two years. He worked on several Cassandra projects from POC to PROD, including instametrics, an internal Cassandra cluster used to collect metrics for all instaclustr managed nodes; a government project of a document repository in the health sector, and a global digital platform for a Fortune 500 company.

We will also have Stefan Podkowinski with a short talk about “Cassandra: Past, present and future. A short overview on the current state of Cassandra and upcoming releases”.

If you’re interested to meet fellow hackers interested in scalability, come join us on this perfect occasion to learn new things and meet some new people!