122 West 27th St, Floor 7., New York Thursday 14th September 2017

NYC Cassandra User Group Meetup


Cassandra Firefighting and Consulting

In this talk, we will walk you through the steps for responding to high severity incidents in unknown environments. We will go through the general steps we use and provide examples of how we have rescued Cassandra clusters from the brink of extinction, however, this approach is applicable to any database / application issue where you have little knowledge about the environment.

About the Speaker

Ben Bromhead is the CTO of Instaclustr where he is responsible for working closely with his engineering team and customers to build highly available, scalable applications on top of Cassandra. Instaclustr is the only multi-cloud, self service Cassandra as a Service (CaaS) provider in the world.

We will provide the pizza and beer as well as swag.