For a limited time only – signup for an extended 30 day free trial with Instaclustr

3 Easy Steps to Start your 30 day Extended Trial

  1. Subscribe to the Instaclustr mailing list
  2. Establish an Instaclustr user account
  3. Provide a valid credit card.  No charges will be made to your card, during the trial period.

The details

This offer is only for valid for all new customers.

By starting your 30-day free access period you agree to our terms and conditions.

Your free trial commences once you have successfully provisioned a node through our dashboard.

Your free trial is limited to 3 nodes of any size on any of our supported cloud providers.

Prior to your free trial ending you will be contacted by one of our sales representatives to discuss on going usage of the Instaclustr service.

You may create and delete multiple clusters during the free trial period, but only one free trial cluster can operate at once.

The free trial period commences from the creation of the first node/cluster. Once the free trial period ends billing will commence at our standard on-demand rates unless you have entered agreement for an annual plan.

If you are legitimately looking to trial our solutions and don’t have a credit card available, please drop us an email at sales@instaclustr.com and a member of our sales team will be able to help.