Our dedicated open source engineering team delivers and maintains a wide range of open source software tools and capability. Our team also participates in the various open source projects that deliver the technologies that we support. 

Open Source Engineering

Instaclustr brings extensive expertise in developing and operating open source technologies. We are the open source-as-a-service company and are regularly working to commit patches and new features to projects. We have contributed to various mainstream open source projects and are committed to providing long term support. 

Our team can help you rapidly build extensions, integrations, and interfaces for a range of open source technologies. 

If you are looking to adopt open source technologies, but you are also looking for a specific feature or capability that is missing, our open source development team is here to help. 

Our expert open source consultants will work with you to develop and/or modify the code and to help you take full advantage of key open source technologies including Cassandra, Spark, Kafka, Redis, and Elasticsearch for your use case. 

Our team can be engaged in one of two ways: 

  • You can engage Instaclustr’s consultants to write open source code for bug fixes, features, or to develop a patch that will work against your deployed version of the software, so that the new feature is only available for your use. 
  • You can also have us submit any features or fixes back to the open source project, to benefit the community and ensure future compatibility. We can help you develop these features while following best practice associated with the project architecture and development to ensure acceptance. We will work with the community with the aim of having the changes accepted in the next version.

If you are looking to integrate open source technologies within your environment, or wanting to establish an internal management and control environment, our team of open source engineers have extensive experience in creating solutions to make these technologies fit and work for you. 

Examples of our open source integration work include the following:

  • Security: Helping our customers integrate with an organization’s identification and authentication requirements, and data controls and related solutions. 
  • Monitoring Dashboards: Integrating or creating new monitoring dashboards and solutions that provide visual and alerting capability within an environment. 
  • Backups and Operations: Automation and control of core operational activities such as backups and restoration. 
  • Drivers and Connectors: Our engineers have extensive experience developing a wide range of drivers and connectors relating to our core technologies.

Our engineering team has established a rapid prototyping offering that helps our customers accelerate their ideas by quickly implementing a new application or solution with the use of our open source technologies.

This engagement is run typically over an 8 week period with 4 sprints to achieve a minimum viable product, which can provide the baseline for a new product offering or capability within your organization.

  • Design: We take a systematic approach to conceptualize product vision and evaluate the product ideas. We will design and plan to turn that vision into a reality and a minimum viable product. 
  • Develop: Over a series of sprints we will collaborate and make decisions using continuous planning, rapid prototyping, experimentation, testing and integration to build a baseline solution.
  • Transfer: Once completed we will transfer knowledge and capability into your hands for continued development and assessment before moving towards a production-grade solution.

Our engineering team works with our customers to undertake formal Proof of Concept services to trial, evaluate, demonstrate, and test capabilities and solutions to be used as input into the decision making process when selecting global-scale open source data layer solutions. 

A PoC engagement provides our customers with assurance by demonstrating and validating technical assumptions, and provides an opportunity to test edge-cases and make decisions on infrastructure and cloud providers that support the technology solutions. 

A PoC engagement helps our customers to work through any unique technical requirements prior to making final decisions on technology and deployment options.

Kafka Connect allows for low code integrations across your data layer products. We have built a number of open source Kafka Connectors, and with our experience we can build powerful Kafka Connectors for your event-driven system needs.

Our Methodology


We can help you evaluate and select the right suite of open source data management technologies to most effectively implement your ideas.


Once you have selected your technology baseline, we can help with designing an efficient and effective data model and processing mechanisms to underpin your application.


We can help you work through specifying your deployment infrastructure and implementing suitable operational processes and capabilities.


To ensure you’re capable of operating in a continuous and efficient manner we can provide guidance on effective monitoring, ongoing maintenance procedures, and operation guides.