Technical — Redis News Friday 15th May 2020

Preview Release of Instaclustr’s Managed Redis

By Ben Slater

Instaclustr is pleased to announce the public preview of our managed in-memory database offering: Managed Redis.

Latency is always a consideration and for speed nothing beats an in-memory database. Redis brings this speed and a simple interface to a variety of applications like storage, caching, messaging and stream processing. Redis provides robust levels of reliability by scaling across nodes and having the capacity to handle node failures. In addition, there are disk persistence and restore options to keep your data safe. Because of these features Redis has emerged as the battle-tested and best-of-breed open source software for use cases that require in-memory speed.

We have regularly found our customers using Redis somewhere in their data layer, but they often had the same desire to have it managed like our other offerings. This led Instaclustr to build Managed Redis on the entirely open source Redis 5. We applied the experience we have gained from our Cassandra, Kafka, Spark, and Elasticsearch offerings to the design of Managed Redis. This included building in our leading security and a support team with depth and 24×7 capacity.

Instaclustr’s Managed Redis:

  • Is always the same as the open source offering, no proprietary extensions
  • Will have managed upgrades through a pure open source roadmap
  • Deploys as a cluster for high reliability and availability
  • Has instrumentation for monitoring and automated failure detection
  • Has a range of instance sizes selected for optimal performance and economy

After the preview, the final offering will include Instaclustr’s industry leading support and SLAs. The preview release of Instaclustr’s Managed Redis is available for you to try for free