Store, process, stream and analyze your operational data

Successful applications need technologies that can help them reach million of users with no downtime. Instaclustr Managed Platform delivers core open-source technologies integrated into into a single managed environment to power your applications.

Real-time data pipeline with Kafka, Spark and Cassandra

The combination of Kafka, Spark and Cassandra deliver on key requirements of real-time analysis, including high-throughput, low latency and stream processing framework to support big data application.

Apache Kafka, the real-time streaming platform captures and publish streams of data.  Apache Spark, the high performance analytics engine and Spark Streaming, the extension of core Spark API ingest and process data in real-time from disparate event stream. Apache Cassandra, the high performance & continuously available database provides a scalable and resilient operational database for real-time applications.

When Kafka, Spark and Cassandra are deployed together, you have the foundation for building the most reliable, scalable and intelligent applications.