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Cassandra with confidence at all stages of your project lifecycle.

Instaclustr offers a range of consulting services designed to help you accelerate your adoption of Apache Cassandra and other open source technologies.

A methodology that delivers

No matter where you’re at in your lifecycle, we are dedicated to working closely with you to provide the help you need. With deep expertise and best-practice guidance on all aspects of Apache Cassandra deployments, including initial evaluation, design and data modelling, right through to deployment and operation, we ensure we build our adaptable methods in applying our expertise around your specific needs at any given

Tailored packages to suit your needs

We offer a wide range of Consulting Service Packages that  that will help you take advantage of our expertise in open-source, and be guided by our team of experts.

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If you’re looking to scope a fully tailored project or have specific requirements, simply fill out the form and one our consultants will be in touch to discuss your needs in further detail.

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Consulting Service Packages


This package is designed to help you determine if t open source technologies can meet your business needs. Within this package, you can design and implement proof of concept projects to explore and validate your decision on using open source technologies and get confidence that you have made right choices.


The package allows us to bring our expertise in distributed application technologies to the heart of your application development project. Under this a package, we provide knowledge transfer, expert review and more to accelerate your design and development process.


Designed for organizations investigating the adoption of Apache Cassandra, or for those about to start on their first implementation. This package provides you with the information you will need to get started on the right path via a discovery workshop, access to genuine expertise and development of Apache Cassandra cluster to test your new skills.


An extension to Cassandra Kickstart Package, this package is worthwhile to those also looking at adopting Apache Spark on Cassandra. With this package, you can enjoy the benefits and features of Cassandra Kickstart Package along with the expertise to evaluate the suitability of your concept and intended application on Apache Spark.


This package is designed especially for our customers moving their clusters to Instaclustr Apache Cassandra Managed Services or engaging with Enterprise Support services. The package provides you access to our consulting team that will conduct a detailed review of your Cassandra, Spark or Kafka usage and plan zero downtime migration of your application to Instaclustr’s managed environment.


A perfect solution to provide you with the highest levels of assurance for future scalability. With this package, our consulting experts ensure that your application is reviewed and tested using techniques intended to stress your cluster and data model for baseline and maximum performance metrics so that you can scale with confidence.


Get an independent review of your operational Apache Cassandra deployment to identify and remediate configuration, schema and infrastructure problems that are causing sub-par performance. Health Check package ensures that your solution is scalable and free from any potential issues. The package also comes with an option of additional support, giving you 3 days with our consultant to help you implement the recommendation suggested by us.


The package is designed to provide an independent review of your operational Apache Kafka deployment. Designed to help customers who already have deployed and have operational application and are looking for assurance that the solution is scalable and is free from any potential issues.


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