Get Large-scale, High Performance Analytics Platform

A high performing engine for large scale analytics and data processing, Apache Spark has an advanced DAG execution engine that supports cyclic data flow and in-memory computing.

Collocated Data Engine

To provide advanced analytics capabilities, Apache Spark requires a fast, distributed back-end data store. Apache Cassandra is the most modern, reliable and scalable choice for a data store.  

Instaclustr Managed Apache Spark provides a reliable platform, collocated with your Apache Cassandra data store, to leverage the power of Apache Spark for stream or batch analytics.

When fully integrated with the key components of Cassandra, Apache Spark provides the resilience and scale required for big data analytics. Spark engine resides in the operational database, so there is no need for extracting, transforming and loading into a new environment.

Managed for Reliability

We focus on bringing reliability-at-scale to our customers.

Our Spark architecture and support offering would enable you to use the power of Spark, with the confidence to meet your availability and processing requirements.

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