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Build with confidence on our fully Managed Platform delivering performance, scale and reliability. 

Open source technologies are powering enterprises. They are the foundation for enterprises to create solutions that can respond to changing market conditions at a much faster rate. Allowing traditional enterprises to modernize their legacy software and create an environment that doesn’t become out-dated.

Scale with Confidence.

Open source provides flexibility and delivers endless opportunities.

Open source technologies are a big game-changer, helping enterprises transform as they transition to the digital economy. Break away from the old ways of commercial software and embrace the power of open source technology and experience endless possibilities.

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Adoption of open source reduces development and operational cost. Plus, you can experiment with emerging technologies without any long-term investment.


Agility of open source allows adding new features freely, reformat, redevelop and refactor, making innovation and collaboration easy.


Transparency of code means bugs can be found easily and more people inspecting code builds greater trust.


With open source, you get access to vibrant communities and an opportunity to tap innovative ways of working.

Time to Market

The innovation culture and vibrant community of open source lets you improve turnaround time to market.

No Lock-In or Licensing

Step away from endless commercial negotiations and dealing with multiple vendors.

Build Next Generation Applications.

Embrace open source technologies and build for the digital economy.

Whether modernizing existing or building new cloud-based infrastructure, open source technologies are being used across the various level of development, architecture and processes. It is helping businesses deliver agility across the business environment and build next-generation customer-centric applications.

Dive deeper before you build your next-generation solution.

Data infrastructure and reliability that your enterprise demands.

Build and scale with open source technologies on our managed platform.

Instaclustr is a proven partner of choice for traditional enterprises – helping them transition from legacy to next-gen solutions. We work with some of the biggest and most advanced technology companies on the planet and bring desired knowledge and expertise.

Our Managed Platform provides the perfect stable environment to migrate and deploy open source technology in the cloud for next-generation applications.

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Get ready for the digital economy.

Building applications for

Next-generation applications must be built for reliability-at-scale and downtime is not an option. Additionally, a traditional enterprise needs to evolve their business and technology landscape to address competition and create value.

But, it’s not always easy to make a transition plus, when do you determine if the time is right to get ahead with open source technologies.

We are deeply invested to help you succeed in the ever-changing digital economy.

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