Developer Nodes

Instaclustr deploys a set of light weight Cassandra nodes on AWS.  These are a cheaper option for developers and for training purposes.


Developer Nodes

If you are just starting out with Cassandra or are a student learning on the technology, then the “starter” product is for you. It provides an entry level instance to get you started. For professional Developers who need more storage and performance, the “professional” product will suit your needs to get started.

Please contact the sales team if you would like improved support for your development nodes.

Low Cost Nodes

Evaluating, training or looking for a low cost option to start doing some development on? These are the nodes for you.


Instaclustr for Developers

Instaclustr provides fully managed Cassandra-as-a-Service hosted on Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) for Developers.   We support Apache Cassandra distributions of the software, backed by our world class 24x7 support. Our managed solutions power mission-critical, highly available applications for our customers, enabling them to concentrate on the development of their business applications and engagement with their customers.

Our Developer AWS solution includes:

  • Replication between regions and availability zones as configured through our portal
  • Customer’s clusters reside in dedicated VPC
  • Instaclustr supports direct connect™, public IP, private IP and VPN connections to the cluster

Instaclustr have carefully selected high performance instances types that provide customers with the right choice for their application at the right price. Talk to one of our sales team today to ask about what offering is right for you, or go ahead and sign up today to start your Cassandra cluster and get to work!

Instaclustr offers two node types for Developers on AWS.


Good start with more memory and storage.
  • AWS instance: t2.medium
  • CPU Number: 2
  • Memory: 4,000 MB
  • Storage: 30 GB (EBS backed)
  • Support: Basic
  • Dedicated instance: YES
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