Managed Apache Lucene Index supported by Instaclustr

Lucene Index

Our Managed Service supports fully open source solutions for the full range of text search capabilities through The Cassandra Lucene Index


Cassandra Lucene Index 

The Cassandra Lucene Index plugin expands Cassandra’s native secondary index to perform comprehensive search functionality through Multivariable, Geospatial and Bitemporal Search Capabilities. 

Performing on Apache Cassandra’s highly distributed and lightning fast back-end data store, our fully hosted and Managed Cassandra Solution effectively integrates with Lucene and provides a single, trusted platform for all your operational and analytic needs.


Cassandra Lucene with Instaclustr

The power of Stratio’s Cassandra Lucene Index is now supported by Instaclustr, providing high performing search proficiency right at the source of your operational database.


High-performance, full-featured text search engine. The Cassandra Lucene Index provides Powerful, Accurate and Efficient search algorithms, effectively integrated with Apache Cassandra.


We enable our customers to embed analytic intelligence into their application without complex multi-service integration. Cassandra Lucene Index allows ease of use search functionality to attain accurate results.


Lucene Index search technology integrates effectively with Apache Cassandra and Apache Spark to provide core search functionalities such as full text search, relevance searches and geospatial capabilities similar to ElasticSearch or Solr.


Cassandra Lucene Index is right where your operational database resides. No need for extracting, transforming and loading into a new environment.


We provide Apache Cassandra as a managed service and Cassandra Lucene Index fully integrates with the key components of the Cassandra.


Colocation of operational database and your analytics engine provides the capability to stream for true real time analytics.

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