Our pricing is all inclusive of underlying provider charges and our services.

Our Pricing Is All Inclusive


The longer the commitment the better the price. Our products in the cloud have an underlying cost of delivery. That cost can be dramatically reduced by committing to annual plans with us as this permits us to reserve nodes on our various cloud platforms.

The following tables provide indicative pricing for our broad range of products, developer nodes, annual plan production nodes and on-demand production nodes.

For detailed pricing signup and login to our console. 

Pricing Questions?

Developer Nodes

Prices starting from
  • Great for development and training
  • Get your Proof of Concept started within minutes
  • Expert consulting and support packages available
  • 14 day free trial available

Pricing FAQs

What determines the price that I pay for your service?

Ultimately there are several variables associated with deploying a managed node with us. These variables include:

  • Choice of infrastructure or cloud provider(s).
  • Region(s) or data center(s) selected.
  • Size and number of nodes deployed.
  • Annual or monthly payment plan.
  • DataStax Enterprise or Apache Cassandra deployment.

To determine your needs and to establish a true indication of your estimated costs signup to our service through our dashboard and select deployment options that are relevant for your organization.

If you want some help in determining what is the right deployment for your capability, please email us on

Do I qualify as a startup?

A qualified startup is a company that has less than US $3M in annual revenue and has raised less than USD $30 Million in raised capital.  Our terms are on our policies pages. 

You can also learn more about the DataStax Startup Program here and see if you also qualify for free usage of the DataStax Enterprise products.

What costs are included?

We manage the underlying infrastructure costs so the price that you pay is all-inclusive (compute, bandwidth and storage). All licensing costs (where applicable) associated with DataStax Enterprise or other software is also included in your monthly or annual plan.  

If you have already purchased a DataStax Enterprise license then you can also bring that license to our service.

What are the billing options?

We accept American Express, Mastercard and Visa as credit card options for billing both monthly and annually.

We also accept invoice billing for all annual plans.

Do I receive a discount for annual commitments?

Absolutely, significant discounts can be achieved by committing to 12 months of service with us.

Do you offer volume discounts?

We do offer additional discounts for deployments larger than 30 nodes.  Please contact us at if you would like to discuss larger deployments with us.

I still have some pricing questions, who should I contact?

Please email us on to talk to somebody about our pricing.

More pricing questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.