OEM cassandra support by instaclustr

Cassandra OEM Support

Apache Cassandra is bundled and delivered by OEMs globally, we provide 24/7 enterprise-grade support for OEMs and their customers.

Support for OEM Apache Cassandra 

Increasingly software developers are choosing Apache Cassandra as the data store for packaged software products.  However, many end customers for these software products, and even the software developers themselves, may have limited or no experience supporting Cassandra in an operational environment.

We support OEMs that have bundled Apache Cassandra with their product.  We can partner with the OEM directly to deliver 24/7 operational support for the end-customer, or contract directly with the end-customer to provide operational support.

We are able to deliver advanced support and operational testing services and also consulting expertize where required to deliver successful integration of Apache Cassandra into OEM product solutions.

Any Questions?

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