Banking and Financial Services

Build next-generation open banking applications and solutions on the leading platform for managing open source technologies.  

A foundation for digital transformation

The Instaclustr Managed Platform has been engineered to deliver the core principles of scalability, performance, availability and security to help address the challenges of achieving digital transformation in the banking and financial services sector. 

Independently assessed security controls

Our platform and managed solutions incorporate independently assessed SOC 2 accredited processes and controls to deliver a highly secure and compliant platform for your applications.

Dedicated 24×7 expert support

With over 40 million node hours experience of running open source data layer technologies, our experts are available 24×7 to provide dedicated support. 

Banking and Financial Services

Our Customers

Why Choose Instaclustr for Banking and Finance?

Digital transformation powered by open source technology such as Cassandra, Spark, Kafka and Elasticsearch is sweeping the Financial Services sector, revolutionising agility and slashing costs.

Manage Compliance

We have been independently assessed as being SOC2 compliant. Our managed platform provides an increased level of security and quality assurance.

Improve Performance

Our clusters, nodes and networked environments are all tuned for optimal performance and our open source technologies have been selected to ensure continuous availability.

Achieve Agility

If you modernizing existing or building new cloud-based application for your financial application our managed platform provides quick easy and affordable access to core data-related open source technologies.

Achieve Digital Transformation in Banking and Financial Services with Open Source Technologies

Cassandra Logo

Apache Cassandra®

Apache Cassandra is a horizontally scalable, highly available open source database system. A masterless architecture with native support for replication within and across data centers allowing organisations to achieve the highest levels of availability.

Cassandra’s limitless scale and high-availability characteristics make it the right choice for financial services applications dealing with massive amounts of data while being continuously on.

Elasticsearch logo


The world’s most popular open source search and analytics engine, Elasticsearch provides a scalable search solution to search all kinds of documents and datasets.

With Elasticsearch you can provide a personalised search experience for users. Combined with Kibana you can visualize Elasticsearch data and navigate the search stack to identify any problems in real time.

Apache Spark Logo

Apache Spark™

Apache Spark is a modern, in-memory, distributed analytics engine with an architecture that has been developed to overcome some of the limitations of existing big data analytics platforms.

The Spark analytic engine can be deployed both as an interactive tool for use by data analysts or embedded into an application architecture for automated analytic task such as fraud detection.

Apache Kafka Logo

Apache Kafka®

Apache Kafka is a queuing and streaming platform based on similar architectural patterns to Cassandra and Spark.

Kafka can be used in your architecture as a message bus, as a store of logical transactions, and as a general buffer, providing the logical link between other key architectural components.

Financial Services - Gain Your Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

The combined capabilities of Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka and Elasticsearch provide the basis for gaining a competitive advantage.

We provide an environment for rapid development of a new class of financial technologies that work with higher volumes and velocities of data than previously possible.

This can be achieved with the Instaclustr Managed Platform delivering the highest levels of availability and scale.

Paidy – Delivering real-time monthly consolidated credit services by delivering new products and services in an agile and scalable Manner.

Customer's Testimonials

Our whole migration plan with Instaclustr was a brilliant experience and left myself and our engineering teams with a ton of confidence.

Larry Robinson, CTO Clear Capital

Instaclustr has been a great partner since they came onboard in 2017. They have helped us through our hyper-growth phase. The migration from self-hosted to managed by Instaclustr was seamless and ever since that migration we have been able to focus on the core aspects of product engineering, without having to worry about infrastructure management.

Ken Izumi, VP Engineering Paidy


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