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Instaclustr on Vault Cloud
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Vault Cloud

Instaclustr provides fully managed open source technologies like Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, and OpenSearch on Vault Cloud.

    The Vault Cloud advantage

    • 24×7 Expert Support

      Customer support is delivered by our specialist on-call support engineers with thousands of hours of DevOps experience working with and optimizing Apache Cassandra, and related open source data layer technologies.

    • Monitoring and Alerting

      We provide node monitoring and alerting for events of interest, including performance and latency, disk capacity, and node responsiveness. Customized alerting is also available through our monitoring architecture.

    • Zero Downtime Migrations

      As part of our service, we work with you to migrate your data from an existing self-managed environment to the Instaclustr-managed environment with zero downtime and continued availability throughout the process.

    • Backups and Snapshots

      We schedule off-node backups of all data on a daily basis, and these are readily available for restoration in the event of a significant disaster in your cluster.

    • Updates and Patch Management

      Our high-availability architecture ensures continuous operations even through node upgrades and database version upgrades. We also provide continuous monitoring and testing of your nodes—applying patch and security updates as required. We do this all with zero downtime.

    • Health Checks and Repairs

      We regularly assess the health of your cluster, both through our automated systems and via manual checks. Where we detect issues, we either undertake repairs (often with our automated operations tooling) or provide actionable and clear advice on how you can address them.

    The Vault Cloud advantage

    Vault Cloud is an OpenStack cloud built to the highest security standards and run entirely within Australia. It offers community clouds to Australian government and critical infrastructure.

    We customize and optimize the configuration of your cluster so that you can receive all the benefits of our fully managed and hosted services on Vault Cloud.

    Instaclustr provides a range of preselected configurations for each of our supported technologies, designed to make the best use of Vault Cloud.

    Learn more about Vault Cloud.

    Vault Cloud is entirely owned and operated within in Australia. Its legal structure means it will stay that way.


    Vault Cloud is built to the highest standards of the Australian Government Information Security manual.

    Cloud operators hold the appropriate government security clearances.

    Community cloud

    Vault provides community cloud for Australian government and critical infrastructure providers.

    High performance

    Vault Cloud nodes run on high performance Intel hardware with solid state storage and high speed networking.


    OpenStack is open source and used by many public and private clouds around the world. Vault Cloud offers a highly secure deployment of OpenStack on high performance hardware.

    AI accelerated

    Use dedicated nodes with V100 NVIDIA accelerators for AI and machine learning workloads.

    Quantum cybersecurity

    Vault Cloud integrates leading Australian quantum entropy generation hardware to back its encryption.

    Spin up a cluster in minutes