Apache cassandra consulting by instaclustr campaign monitor case study

Email Marketing & Automation

Campaign Monitor makes it easy to create, send and measure the impact of email marketing campaigns.

Case Study


Sector: Email Marketing
Use Case: Personalization & Recommendation
Technology: Apache Cassandra
Services: Consulting & Enterprise Support

Campaign Monitor makes it easy to create, send and measure the impact of email marketing campaigns. They have been phenomenally successful at this mission and currently service over 2 Million users at 150,000 business around the world.

For a business like Campaign Monitor, great success means addressing the challenges of massive volumes and velocity of data. Campaign Monitor built tremendous expertise in addressing these challenges with the traditional relational database technology on which their business was built. However, they recognized that, even with their level of expertise, the technology was reaching the limits of its scalability and costing ever increasing amounts to manage and license.


Campaign Monitor knew that shifting to a new database technology was a major undertaking and so the engineering team commenced an extensive evaluation and a number of different trials of several different NoSQL technologies. Following this evaluation, they chose Apache Cassandra as their strategic operational database platform. Cassandra was the leading choice due to its exceptional reliability, manageability at scale and open source community.

Campaign Monitor trained some of the development team and admins on Apache Cassandra and then embarked on an initial pilot project. The pilot project achieved many of its aims, however, Campaign Monitor felt they needed an independent expert to conduct a review and provide some assurance that the engineering team had undertaken an effective pilot and that the resulting data model was correct.  The engineering team was also looking for some assurance that the clusters were setup and configured correctly.


Instaclustr’s expert consulting team was called in to conduct the review.  Our team was able to make improvement recommendations across all aspects of Campaign Monitor’s Cassandra usage and provide plans to allow implementation of the recommendations with minimal production impact.

The recommendations substantially improved the performance of Campaign Monitor’s Cassandra applications and helped to provide assurance that the application would scale without major issues in the future. Additionally, Instaclustr’s engagement helped improve the Cassandra knowledge of Campaign Monitor staff to help ensure the success of future Cassandra development activities. Instaclustr is providing enterprise support for Campaign Monitor’s production Apache Cassandra deployment.


“Instaclustr provided just the help we needed at a critical point in our adoption of Cassandra. We view Instaclustr as an important partner for our successful use of Cassandra and look forward to working with them in the future as we ramp up our adoption of this exciting technology.”

Cameron Newman

Director of Engineering - Platform, Campaign Monitor

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