Monday 3rd July 2017

Managed Cassandra versus DynamoDB




A common question we hear from potential customers is “how does Cassandra compare to DynamoDB”? We’re big fans of AWS, in fact most of our business runs on EC2, and certainly believe DynamoDB is a great solution for some use cases. Of course, we also believe that Managed Cassandra is an outstanding solution in a lot of cases.

A good way to contrast the strengths and weakness of both solutions is to look at a specific use case such as our own Instametrics capability which we discuss in detail on our Instaclustr blog. To summarize Instametrics allows us to store and analyze monitoring data from the almost 1000 Apache Cassandra nodes that we manage.

The key stats are:

  • 12 x m4.xl-balanced (800GB) nodes
  • Replication Factor 3
  • > 40,000 writes/sec (24 x7 consistent load)
  • ~ 500 reads/sec consistent load (peaks at 1-2k reads/sec) at consistency level 1
  • Small data per read/write

This is our current running load – the cluster is pretty well utilised but we believe we can still push it a bit harder and in particular we plan to increase the levels of read operations.

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