Online | 9.00 am- 12.00 noon BST Thursday 21st May 2020

Virtual Workshop – EMEA – Workshop: Apache Kafka Half Day

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In this workshop you will learn all the key concepts of Kafka, how to use it correctly in your organisation and by the end of this course confidently know how to use Kafka for the right business use cases.

Additionally, if you face any cluster issues, you will securely know how all the consumers, producers, brokers, controllers, zookeeper, partitions, and topics work together. You will also learn how to connect your Kafka cluster to external sources using Kafka connect.

Kafka Introduction and Overview
Topic Design
Topic Partitioning
Sizing Your Kafka Cluster
How to use Kafka to external sources using Kafka connect
Starting your Instaclustr Kafka cluster
Simple Example of how to use Kafka end to end

Presenter: Mussa Shirazi

Mussa is working as a Senior Consultant with Instaclustr. With over 13 years of IT industry experience, Mussa specialises in the field of Big Data, Low Latency Monitoring, Network and Security Technologies, Network Solutions and have worked with large multinational corporations. He has a vast experience with open source technologies such as Elasticsearch and Kafka
and has been involved in designing and deployment of data solutions for big financial organisations. Mussa is a big fan of open source technologies and likes getting involved in all kinds of data projects that involve open source technologies.


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