Online | 1.00 pm PST Thursday 4th June 2020

Webinar – 7 Ways Cassandra Can Surprise You in Production

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Join Adam Zegelin, Instaclustr co-founder, for a discussion about the seven aspects of Apache Cassandra that can have hidden surprises. These aspects, if not deeply understood and used correctly, can result in poorly performing applications, increased resource usage, and in extreme cases, production outages.

Rather than be surprised by unhappy customers, increasing costs, or a 3am page, we’ll explore these aspects of Cassandra in detail and look into how best to avoid these surprises through appropriate data models, queries and application logic.

We will cover in detail:
– Tombstones
– Repairs
– Materialized views
– Secondary indexes
– Incorrect Driver settings
– Poor denormalization and
– Unoptimized queries

At Instaclustr we assist our customers every day in solving production Cassandra issues. This customer specific webinar, was derived from the most common problems our customers experience.

Presenter: Adam Zegelin, SVP of Engineering and Co-Founder of Instaclustr
Presenter Bio: Adam is Instaclustr’s founding engineer and has been one of the lead developers of Instaclustr’s product development team which builds Instaclustr’s managed Cassandra-as-a-service platform. Adam is now providing expert consulting services to Instaclustr’s high profile customers where they require assistance developing systems for their own Cassandra deployments.


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