Online | 10.00 am PST Tuesday 1st September 2020

Workshop – Instaclustr’s Open Source Tools for Apache Cassandra

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This workshop takes an in-depth look into Instaclustr’s open source Apache Cassandra tooling and utilities. These tools let you to get the most out of your Apache Cassandra deployments and are available for free, under the Apache 2.0 license. We will cover in detail our LDAP and Kerberos authentication plugins, Prometheus monitoring agent, backup and restore utility, our low-level SSTable diagnostics tools, and also various other projects that we’re working on.

This section of the workshop will look at the best practices for implementing and deploying enterprise-grade authentication using Instaclustr’s LDAP and Kerberos integration plugins for Apache Cassandra.
Cassandra SSTable Diagnostic Tools – 35 minutes
This section of the worksop will give an overview of ic-sstable-tools, a collection of various open source utilities we’ve developed to help work with and extract low-level statistics from Cassandra SSTables. We will look at what they provide over and above the core tooling, how to use them for diagnostics, and how to interpret the statistics generated by them.

Backup and Restore:
This portion of the presentation will cover backups and restores in relation to Cassandra. Starting from the overall need at different levels of replication and business risk, through to data backup strategies and how Instaclustr’s open source backup utility can assist in executing these strategies.

Monitoring and Alerting:
This section will look at building a production-grade, best-in-class monitoring and altering setup for Cassandra by using Instaclustr’s Prometheus exporter, Prometheus alert-manager and Grafana.

The end of the session will include a Q&A on the various tools discussed.

Adam Zegelin
SVP Engineering & Cofounder, Instaclustr


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