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Looking to run in your own AWS account?


Run in your own AWS account.

Instaclustr is pleased to announce general availability of our new capability to provide our world-leading managed Cassandra & Spark solution in your own AWS account.

Run In Your Own AWS Account

Historically, the Instaclustr managed service has been available only when running cluster in an AWS account owned by Instaclustr. This approach is ideal for many users as it provides the simplest on-boarding and start-up experience as well as ensuring the all elements that can impact availability of the managed service are within Instaclustr’s control. With our use of separate VPCs for each customer cluster and the ability to peer customer VPCs with Instaclustr-managed VPCs, we are able to provide a first-class security solution.

However, we have requests from several larger customers to be able to use their own AWS account to provision the AWS resources for their managed cluster in their own account.

Running in your own AWS account does require additional, manually set-up work compared to a regular Instaclustr cluster. It also adds some overhead to our ongoing support arrangement. 

For these reason, run in your own account is not directly available from our dashboard but must be arranged through sales@instaclustr.com.

Please note: Run in your own account is only available for customers with a minimum 9 (production) node cluster and a 6 month commitment.

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Maintaining access to your AWS volume-tier discounts and similar schemes.


Greater comfort of ownership and access to data in the cluster.


Facilitates custom implementations for some advanced security scenarios (such as VPNs, direct connections).