Certification framework

Instaclustr Certification Framework
for Open Source Software

Assessing and testing open source suitability for production and enterprise-grade deployment.

Independent Evaluation and Testing

The Instaclustr Certification for Open Source Software is a rigorous testing and evaluation program for selected open source data layer technologies. The program continually assesses the health of selected open source projects and tests specific versions of open source software within the project, applying a repeatable and reproducible methodology.

Benchmarking Performance

Our certification process is aimed at benchmarking performance in controlled use cases, validating functional properties of open source software, and verifying interoperability with the Instaclustr Managed Platform.

Transparency of Results

Users of open source technologies can leverage the results of the Instaclustr certification process as inputs for understanding and managing potential risks associated with production-grade use of these technologies.

Instaclustr Certification Framework

Assessing Projects and Testing Releases

Project Assessment

Assessment of the quality and effectiveness of a project’s governance, licensing, and community ecosystem for a given open source technology.

Release Testing

Testing each software release for functionality, performance, and integration standards.

3 Parts of the Instaclustr Certification Framework

General Certification Model

Outlines the key concepts that define the certification process, aims, and results.

Project Assessment Methodology

Defines the specific methodology we use to assess the open source project and its suitability.

Technology Testing Methodology

Defines the methodology used to test specific versions of released open source software.

A Structured Approach

The Instaclustr Certification Framework follows a highly structured methodology to ensure transparency and repeatability.


Our team performs deep-dive, independent assessments of various open source projects. We do this to provide insight and confidence that any technology we utilize is being effectively managed and controlled, that risks associated with licensing and use are suitable, and that there are strong indications the project will have long-term support.


As part of our certification process, we perform a suite of tests on a targeted release or version of open source software for functionality, performance, and interoperability. This is all completed before deploying any release onto the Instaclustr Managed Platform.


The results of the certification process are published and made widely available. We do this to provide complete transparency in our decision-making process, and to help other organizations and engineers make informed decisions about deploying open source software in their production environments.

Gain Access to Instaclustr Certification Documentation

The Instaclustr
Managed Platform

Certified open source technologies are the foundation of the Instaclustr Managed Platform.

Operational Expertise

We have more than 70 million node hours under management delivering open source technologies in their pure, non-commercialized versions.

Management and Support

We are managing and supporting more than 7PBs of data generated by enterprises across various industries. We deliver and support mission-critical applications and solutions 24×7.

Open Source Commitment

The Instaclustr Managed Platform only deploys open source technologies in their pure open source distribution, including Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, Redis, and more.