Database Migration to Open Source Apache Cassandra

Reduce operational risk and costs by migrating to our fully managed open source technologies.

Move to open source Apache Cassandra with zero downtime.

We can help with one of the biggest challenges in adopting a new database technology. Let our operational and production experience help you with no downtime migrations.

Whether you currently use Cassandra in-house, DataStax Enterprise or a database with a completely different data model we can provide advice and assistance to ensure your migration is as smooth as possible with little to no disruption to your user base.

Using Instaclustr to plan your open source Apache Cassandra migration will ensure you minimise implementation risk and ensure you start receiving the maximum return on investment for your Cassandra cluster. We also have experience in moving Cassandra and other data loads between different networking environments. We can help you migrate under the following scenarios.

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Other Databases

We have helped several customers move from database technologies including DataStax Enterprise, PostgresSQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB and many others.

Private to Cloud

We have helped a number of customers migrate from managing their own Cassandra clusters in a private datacenter to public cloud environments.

operational expertise provided by Instaclustr
Digital Transformation Customers Instaclustr

Cloud to Cloud

We have moved many of our existing customers from self-managed implementations into our service all with zero downtime.



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