On-premises Managed Platform Solution

Instaclustr managed platform for open source technologies available for on-premises and bespoke data center environments.

Run Your Data-layer Clusters on Any Environment

With Instaclustr, you can choose to run your applications on a public cloud, in a multi-cloud environment, in an on-premises data center, or in a hybrid-cloud deployment, without worrying about the constraints on where the required data-layer technologies can be deployed. Instaclustr Managed Platform can manage Apache Kafka or Apache Cassandra clusters deployed anywhere you want.

Advance SOC2 Certification 

Our security controls meet the trusted  industry standards. Our platform is SOC2 Certified providing confidence that your data is always protected. Our administrative access to the system under management, for successful on-prem deployment, is subjected to Instaclustr’s security control audited under SOC2 regime. 

No Single Point of Failure

Engineered for the most demanding requirements, powering highly available applications for our customers in the cloud, our platform allows you to handle large data workloads across multiple nodes with no single point of failure.


Fully Exploit your Infrastructure Environment without having to Re-architect your Application

With Instaclustr On-premises Managed Platform solution, we take full responsibility for ensuring your open source data layer technologies such as Cassandra and Kafka are managed to achieve availability and latency SLAs. You are only responsible for providing and managing the compute and network infrastructure used by the cluster.

On-premises Managed Solutions

Instaclustr Hosted  Management and Monitoring Infrastructure

Our management services use of our centralised cloud hosted (AWS) management and monitoring infrastructure. This infrastructure receives detailed monitoring information from clusters under management, including those in on-premises data centres, and alerts our operations team of issues that require investigation. 

The central infrastructure also provides automated admin tooling and access control and logging mechanism for our operations staff.


On-premises Managed Solution

Our Technical and Service Delivery Approach

An initial on-boarding engagement is required to finalise detailed technical design and service management arrangement for all on-premises managed platform deployments. This may be undertaken as a stand-alone engagement or built in to a service commitment.

Download On-premises solution overview for information about our approach and technical overview.

Key Features

Continuous Availability

Advanced Security

Data Autonomy

No Vendor Lock-in

Zero Downtime


Global Scalability

Centralized Monitoring

Continuous Maintenance

Choose any Cloud Environment Without Sacrificing Availability or Performance

Our system provides a range of preselected configurations for each of our supported open source data layer technologies. These are designed to make the best use of your cloud infrastructure availability and provide you the best price/performance for your infrastructure spend.





Public Cloud

We offer AWS, Azure, GCP and IBM Cloud infrastructure deployment on our Managed Platform with an option to Run in our cloud providers account or Run in your own account.


Multi Cloud

On our Managed platform you can use different public cloud services, from multiple providers to achieve best-of-breed results. We offer data autonomy and geographical redundancies to support your organisation’s multi-cloud strategy.


Private/ On-Premises Cloud

Our Private / On-Premises Managed Platform solutions offers many of the benefits of cloud deployments on your own infrastructure. We take full responsibility of managing your open source data layer technologies while you manage the compute and network infrastructure for your cluster.


Hybrid Cloud

With our on-premises Managed platform you can now take full advantage of both public and private cloud environment and adjust your model to derive the greatest benefits from available cloud infrastructure.

We power mission-critical, highly available applications for our customers, enabling them to concentrate on the development  of their business applications and engagement with their customers.

Deliver responsive experience to your consumers and achieve geographical redundancy at a click-of-the-button with multi-region and multi-cloud replications.


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