Proof of Concept

Reduce the technical risks in your first deployment and truly exercise and validate your ideas and capability with Instaclustr.

Helping to get you underway

Everyday we talk with many potential customers who just want to know how to get started with Cassandra. How do you test Cassandra? How do I rapidly build out a project that lets me evaluate Cassandra in a meaningful way? How do I verify that my architecture and data model will scale beyond our initial deployment?

Instaclustr is proud to offer our services in assisting your team to build a meaningful and representative proof of concept. We offer our expertise in data modelling, big data architecture and operations experience as a result of our on-demand Cassandra-as-a-Service architecture.

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Benefits of running a PoC

Reduce the technical risks in your first deployment and truly exercise your proof of concept with Instaclustr. We will take you from data model & client queries on a 3 node development cluster to a highly available application running on a cluster spanning 100+ nodes.

It doesn’t matter if you are still intending to run production in a private data centre, our capability provides you with the ability to validate your concepts and test for load and capacity prior to investing heavily in the capability.

Looking to really give Cassandra a run for its money? Let us give you the best experience possible, contact us today.



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