Cassandra Service Status

The Cassandra Service Status provides an indicator of the current state of the Cassandra service on the node. We report two statuses:

  • Up indicates that the Cassandra service appears to be running normally;
  • Support Alerted indicates that the service is not in a normal running state or that it has lost contact with our monitoring system. Instaclustr Support will be aware of this situation and working to restore the node to normal state as soon as possible.

It is important to understand that Cassandra is designed to operate normally when one or more nodes in the cluster are unavailable. Instaclustr Support will occasionally restart individual nodes for planned maintenance such as upgrading Cassandra or operating system patching. Planned maintenance will normal only result in a single node in the cluster being unavailable at any point in time.

Should you have any concerns or queries regarding the Cassandra Service Status of a node in your cluster then please contact Instaclustr Support.

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