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All of your clusters in your account are constantly being monitored by the infrastructure here at Instaclustr, so that when unexpected problems do occur, such as a loss in processing capacity or issues with network connectivity, our support team will contact you immediately to alert you of the problem and to discuss possible solutions.

If you have a designated contact email address, such as a dev-ops group email, that you would like our support team to use, you can set this email in the Account Details page on the Instaclustr console.

Simply click on Account Settings in the top right of the console, and add the contact email address under Support Contacts.

The Emergency Contacts field is the additional address that would be used for high priority incidents.  We generally recommend customers link this address to services such as pagerduty, as this is the address that will be contacted only in emergency situations.  We will not use the emergency contact for non-urgent issues.

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