Creating a Kafka Cluster with the provisioning API


This article explains how to create a Kafka cluster via the Instaclustr Provisioning API. For more in-depth information on the Provisioning API in general, see here.

To provision a new cluster make a POST request to using basic authentication where:

And the JSON body as:

Additionally, data at rest encryption is supported for AWS_VPC clusters. Add diskEncryptionKey to the provision cluster request in the provider section:

You can find out more about disk encryption keys here.

If your JSON request is valid (see allowed values below), the API will respond with 202 Accepted and a JSON containing the cluster id. Depending on the underlying infrastructure provider, it can take up to 10 minutes for the cluster to reach a usable state. You can check the status of provisioning using the cluster status endpoint, or via the console.

VPC Peering must be set up after the cluster is created. See here for VPC Peering APIs.

Allowed Values

FieldAllowed Values
clusterNameMay contain a combination of letters, numbers and underscores with a maximum length of 32 characters.
bundlesArray of bundle information. See below for bundle options.
provider.nameAWS_VPC, AZURE, SOFTLAYER_BARE_METAL, GCP (Multi-dc provisioning not currently supported through API.)
provider.accountNameOptional for customers running in their own account. Your provider account can be found on the ‘Account’ tab on the console, or the “Provider Account” property on any existing cluster.

For customers running in Instaclustr account, this property may be omitted.

nodeSizeDesired node size. See ‘Data centres and node sizes’ reference table.
dataCentreDesired data center. See ‘Data centres and node sizes’ reference table.
clusterNetworkThe private network address block for the cluster specified using CIDR address notation. The network must have a prefix length between /12 and /22 and must be part of a private address space. Defaults to “”
rackAllocation.numberOfRacksNumber of racks to use when allocating nodes.
rackAllocation.nodesPerRackNumber of nodes per rack.
firewallRulesArray of firewall rules information. See below for firewall rule options.

Firewall Rules Options

FieldAllowed Values
networkAny CIDR IPv4 address, eg:

Bundle Options

FieldAllowed Values
versionDesired version of Kafka in the form apache-kafka:x.x.xx. Please refer to the console in the Create cluster page for a list of Kafka versions available to you.

Email for other supported versions.


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