Release Log


New This article includes a log of recent significant changes to the Instaclustr Managed Service.

October 2019

17 October
  • Fix signup button not working when redirect from invitation email.
  • Users who sign up with non-work related emails with coupons can provision free-trial clusters.
  • Updated coupons to be able to add extra free trial clusters.
  • Fix signup button not working when redirect from invitation email.
  • Improved cookie security for Heroku SSO logins.

14 October
  • Fix the prematurely session timing out when not all the accounts linked to user have session timing out option enabled.
  • Added additional security mechanisms to our Apache Cassandra managed service.

10 October
  • Make available hostname validation for secure connection to Cassandra cluster
  • Enforce TLSv1.2 or above on dashboard and API endpoints.

8 October
  • Implementing hardening procedures for customer nodes
  • PCI compliant SSH connection configured in nodes
  • Updated expiry of old users from accounts to apply on a schedule and not on login
  • Added maximum length validation on String based input fields

3 October
  • Standardised user setup on management instances

1 October
  • Fixed invited users unable to signup bug

September 2019

30 September
  • Fixed issue with production of snappy and zstd Kafka messages

23 September
  • Fixed handling of configs when creating topics with the tool

19 September
  • Released support for Kafka 2.3.0

17 September
  • Released kafka consumer lag monitoring feature. The metrics are reachable through the instaclustr dashboard and the monitoring API

16 September
  • Updated CoreOS version on nodes to 2191.4.1

13 September
  • Fixed bug related to Javascript loading

10 September
  • Removed unused filesystem and protocol support (PCI compliance)

9 September
  • Improve signup page UI/UX

5 September
  • New Kafka and Zookeeper instances moved to JRE 11

3 September
  • Added a Download Full Log to the spark worker log page that downloads the complete log file.

2 September
  • Introduced new hardening procedures on customer nodes

August 2019

28 August
  • Some enhancements on the Prometheus API support

19 August
  • Added support for new AWS instance type – R5 for Kafka
  • Added support for new AWS instance type – i3en.xlarge in selected regions

12 August
  • AWS T3 instances made available for both Cassandra and Kafka in all supported regions.
  • Released a patch for a bug in Cassandra which can cause nodes to join or replace without data

07 August
  • Added hyperlinks to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on the signup page
  • Added Prometheus support to Monitoring API
  • Added compatibility for Spark 2.1.3 including Spark Jobserver to Cassandra 3.11.4

06 August
  • Fixed ic-kafka-topics tool to prevent it from printing out properties when used

05 August
  • Updated disclaimer texts and removed Elasticsearch EAP text
  • Updated Kubernetes Service Broker to return cluster authentication credentials for Service Binding

01 August
  • Introducing new AWS availability zones to London, Tokyo and Singapore

July 2019

31 July
  • Updated CoreOS version on nodes.

24 July
  • Node size m5 is now available in all the regions except Sydney. Node size m4 instead of m5 is available in Sydney region.

23 July
  • Added new features to the cluster restore operation

22 July
  • Making cassandra secondary indexes get backed up and restored

18 July
  • Deprecated creation of Kafka clusters below version 2.1.1
  • Enhanced console error handling for metrics graph display.

17 July
  • Updated token allocation for new clusters with Lucene enabled

15 July
  • Updates to the node security

12 July
  • Bug fix for enabling Lucene on new DCs.

08 July
  • Added support for new AWS instance type – r5.

03 July
  • Bug fix for adding data centres to existing private network clusters.

02 July
  • Improve display of read and write latency graphs in console
  • Pricing update

01 July
  • Hide add-ons not supported for Kafka during provisioning.

June 2019

27 June
  • Fixed console bug to correctly display Broadcast Private Address for Private Network Clusters.
  • Exposed 99th Percentile metric for Cassandra Client Read and Write to Console
  • Added support for customers to provision a cluster or data centre into a custom Vpc in AWS

26 June
  • Updated Internal Metrics Collection

17 June
  • Bug fix for handling of node allocation in two-rack Azure regions.

13 June
  • Allowing altering of Apache Kafka ACLs.

12 June
  • Adding the storage volume type for each SSD.

11 June
  • Added support for new AWS instance type – m5

05 June
  • Fixed the bug that displayed ‘free-trial expired’ warning for accounts with valid billing details.


May 2019

29 May
  • Added AWS c5d.2xlarge node size to Tokyo region
  • Moved ‘Instaclustr’ account to the bottom of Provider Accounts dropdown list in console for RIYOA customers

23 May
  • Released support for Kafka 2.1.1

21 May
  • Fixed default behaviour of UnderMinIsr alerts. Support of raising UnderMinIsr alerts by adding configuration at Topic level
  • Kafka client tool updated to version 2.1
  • Added kubernetes service broker support – see our support page

20 May
  • Added validation for maximum number of nodes per rack to the console

13 May
  • Release Zookeeper 3.4.14 for kafka

9 May
  • Add option to ignore backups from specific node backups when performing a restore

8 May
  • Updates to node security

2 May
  • Introduced throttling of newly replaced Kafka brokers to improve performance of running clusters

April 2019

30 April
  • Removed Kafka ISR Shrink/Expand Mean rate from Monitoring.

23 April
  • Released Instaclustr-Support role functionality for better customer support and security.

17 April
  • Fixed niche case of backup fails hanging indefinitely
  • Fixed GCP backups failing in certain cases due to table size

16 April
  • Fixed bug causing user to be unable to select node sizes when adding a new data centre to an existing cluster.

15 April
  • Updated control system to not start node if a restore has failed.

11 April
  • Added i3.xl and i3.2xl instance offerings for Kakfa.
  • Converted AWS Kafka offerings to GP2 EBS.
  • Upgraded the base operating system.
1 April
  • Updated example Kafka connection settings provided on the console.
  • Corrected out of date ‘Suggested fix’ information on the console cluster health metrics page
  • Add option to create cluster with either production or non-production tag through console and API.

March 2019

29 March
  • Fixed bug that caused custom tagging to not be applied to AWS instances.
28 March
  • Added Cassandra 3.11.4, 3.0.18, 2.2.14, and 2.1.21
25 March
  • Updated Price and Features tab with relevant messages
19 March
  • Fixed problem creating m4l-250 sized clusters with the provisioning API.
4 March
  • Increased robustness of Kafka node reboots.

February 2019

28 February
  • Implemented on-creation tagging for AWS EC2 Instances and EBS Volumes.
  • Updated disk size of selected AWS instances.
27 February
  • Fixed the private IP cluster gateway’s SSH failure.
25 February
  • Release Spark 2.3.2 and Zeppelin 0.8.0 with Spark 2.3.2
21 February
  • Bug fix for adding multiple datacentres to some cluster bundles.
  • Bug fixes for some links in Spark UI.
  • Made the Kafka Rest Proxy offering available for our customers.
  • Releasing the whitelist updates.
  • Tuning of Kafka alert thresholds.
18 February
  • Added support for Azure US West 2 (Washington) region.
11 February
  • Fixed internal bug causing transitions from DSE to Cassandra to fail.
  • Updated text on the console’s signup page.
7 February
  • Fixed rendering issue for emails notifying a customer a cluster resize was finished.
  • Cluster deletion verification email sent to contact from 2FA cluster settings.
5 February
  • Fixed bug in restoring from clusters with large numbers of commit logs
  • Added auto-cleanup for dangling snapshots from interrupted backups

January 2019

31 January
  • Fix to internal management tooling
23 January
  • Introduced a toggle switch for monitoring pages to switch the displaying node IP addresses between private and public addresses.
21  January
  • Updates to Node Security
  • Standardised out-of-memory error handling
  • Improved configurability of Kafka images with new versions: apache-kafka:1.1.0.ic2, apache-kafka:2.0.0.ic1, apache-kafka:2.0.1.ic1, and apache-kafka:2.1.0.ic1

14  January
  • Fixed a rare provisioning issue
  • Fixed a rare restore from backup issue

9  January
  • Added support for on-premises clusters

2 January
  • Resolved not being able to resize a datacenter with keyspace replication factors larger than the rack count using the dashboard


December 2018

17 December
  • Bug fix for accepting an account invite, if the user does not already exist

12 December
  • Updates to node security

4 December
  • Fixed the issue that valid security group ID’s are not passing Console’s input validation


November 2018

28 November
  • Improved support for clusters with large numbers of firewall rules in AWS

26 November
  • Added support for provisioning Kafka 2.1.0 and 2.0.1 clusters
  • Added missing Kafka node sizes in Azure US East 2 region
  • Added refresh button to graphs on Monitoring/Metrics Graphs page
  • Improved scaling and alignment of metric graphs

22 November
  • Fixed certificate download URL returned by API request
  • Fixed Spark UI display issue

19 November
  • Added support for provisioning Kafka 2.0 clusters

13 November
  • Fixed Spark master assignment issue when adding nodes to a cluster

6 November
  • Set new Cassandra 3 clusters to use 16 vNodes by default
  • Updates to monitoring
  • Updates to node security

October 2018

29 October
  • Allowed custom config to be applied to clusters with nodes that are not yet running
  • Update Jackson Databind library version to resolve vulnerability issue

23 October
  • Increase resilience and capacity of internal messaging service

16 October
  • Update names of read/write metrics in console to be clearer
  • Released Cassandra 3.11.3 , 3.0.17 and 2.2.13

12 October
  • Updated available versions of Spark and Spark Jobserver to 2.1.3 and 0.8.0

11 October
  • Improve instructions regarding new password restrictions

8 October
  • Added support for 11 new regions in Google Cloud Platform
  • Restricted Spark and Zeppelin add-ons from being used on developer size nodes in GCP
  • Fixed issues with provisioning large Kakfa clusters in GCP
  • Fixed an issue with bundle selection on the Console

2 October
  • Improved backup stability on clusters with large number of sstables
  • Updates to node security
  • Removed support for creating Elassandra clusters from console and API


September 2018

25 September
  • Fixed an issue where VPC peering connections are not created correctly when trying to create multiple peering connections on the console
  • Implemented better handling of ad-hoc AWS provisioning failures

20 September
  • Updated Instaclustr logos on the Console

17 September
  • Improvements to Node Security

10 September
  • Fixed issue with Zeppelin Spark interpreter not displaying exceptions

5 September
  • Changed the category for c5d nodes from ‘Production Special’ to ‘Production’

4 September
  • Fix problem with restoring replaced nodes to a point in time before they were replaced
  • Fix issues with replacing some Kafka nodes
  • Fix issue with replacing Zeppelin or Spark Jobserver nodes


August 2018

30 August
  • Updates to node security
  • Fixed ‘Page Not Found’ issue on Console
  • Fixed monitoring page on Console

29 August
  • Improvements to internal logging

27 August
  • Introduced AWS c5d.2xlarge node size with NVME storage
  • Retired AWS c3.2xlarge node size

23 August
  • Removed security vulnerability in Dashboard to Zendesk SSO
  • Fixed provisioning issue

22 August
  • Improved provisioning error handling

21 August
  • Console is compliant with GDPR

15 August
  • Fixed a bug in the provisioning API that caused duplicate clusters to be listed in some situations

14 August
  • Fixed issues with validations in VPC Peering requests
  • Fixed node sizes on ‘create cluster’ page not updating properly after changing the data centre location
  • Fixed cluster disk health message to accurately show percentage of disk used
  • Fixed create cluster page to correctly display the spark and zeppelin versions available for provisioning

13 August
  • Improve automatic handling of system_auth keyspace replication

9 August
  • Improvements to security auditing capabilities and internal operations visibility
  • Improved internal monitoring tooling.

8 August
  • Improvements to internal Cassandra testing
  • Users are able to receive T&C updates on console
  • Minor console UI improvements on signup and cluster creation page

7 August
  • Reliability improvements to logging infrastructure

1 August
  • Updates to node security

July 2018

31 July
  • Bug fix in Kafka metrics alerting threshold
  • Fix to node management internal tooling

30 July
  • Scaled internal monitoring systems
  • Added additional metrics for cluster management & monitoring

25 July
  • Fixed the inconsistent ordering in pricing page.
  • Added extra validation to username, company name and phone number fields on account creation page.
  • Disabled the ability to provision Elassandra on t2.small node size.
  • Disabled Elassandra for console and API.
  • Enabled various Cassandra ThreadPool metrics for Console and Monitoring API, including Read stage, Native Transport Requests, Mutation Stage, Counter Mutation Stage, View Mutation Stage, RPC Thread and Total Dropped Messages.
  • Fixed 500 error on Spark worker page.

17 July
  • Fixed Console impersonation bug
  • Fixed provisioning issue with some older Cassandra versions

16 July
  • Added User management UI for Kafka clusters
  • Fixed node size display ordering issue
  • Removed deprecated node sizes from Console
  • Removed ability to enable client encryption for developer sizes
  • Clicking on graphs in Cluster Summary page now takes users to Metrics Graph page instead of 404
  • Updated Console to display correct memory amount for GCP n1-highmem-2 nodes

10 July
  • Add support for Cross Region VPC peering through Dashboard and API
  • Improved VPC peering reliability
  • Updated IBM Softlayer to its rebranded name: IBM Cloud
  • Updated provider logos for AWS and GCP

04 July
  • Improved restore process for deleted clusters

03 July
  • Updates to node security

02 July
  • Update Kafka connection information on the Console
  • Fixed issue when the user chooses not to create a firewall rule when creating a Cassandra cluster but a firewall rule is still created
  • Disabled adding nodes to cluster for users with no billing details
  • Fixed issue where customers are unable to select EBS encryption keys on the console for non EBS-backed node sizes
  • Fixed issue where a wrong network is suggested when trying to add cluster data centre to an existing cluster
  • Updated instance system kernel settings for better performace
  • Fixed issue of accumulated MigrationStages when cluster is under load
  • Improved bootstrap logic for node-agent
  • Add timestamp to bash history for internal TechOps

June 2018

28 June

26 June
  • Apache Cassandra is now available

  • Updates to Kafka release including:
    • Synthetic Transaction monitoring
    • Per-Topic metrics
    • Exposing additional configuration options
    • Zookeeper backups
    • SSL broker-to-broker encryption is now required on all clusters

21 June
  • Optimized metric calculation

20 June
  • Updates to node security

19 June
  • Increased reliability of provisioning large (50 nodes or more) clusters
    Fixed issue affecting cluster deletion for instances provisioned on GCP

13 June
  • Minor improvement to internal management tooling

  • Bug Fix: Ignore aborted requests from user interaction

  • Fixed console display of incorrect pricing

12 June
  • Update internal security functionality
  • Improved formatting of internal audit messages


May 2018

31 May
  • Fixed password change emails not being sent sometimes
  • Added emergency contact field in Account Details on console. Customers can now optionally specify seperate email addresses for emergency contact

29 May

Additional new Instaclustr security features that can be optionally enabled:

  • User Expiration – Unused User Accounts will be expired after inactivity for 90 days.
  • Password Expiration – Passwords expire after 90 days.
  • Account Enforced MFA – Accounts with the feature enabled require MFA.
  • Session Management – User sessions timeout after 15 minutes of inactivity and have a total session time of 30 minutes.

24 May
  • Remove support for provisioning new Scylla clusters
  • Ended beta status for the Private Network Clusters add-on
  • Update account creation page for GDPR compliance
  • Fix minor console bugs with VPC peering

21 May

New Feature: Kafka Managed Service (Preview Release)

Instaclustr’s Managed Apache Kafka provides the following management features:

  • Support on AWS, Azure, GCP and IBM cloud
  • Automated provisioning and configuration of clusters with Kafka and Zookeeper
  • Run in our cloud provider account with a fixed, infrastructure inclusive, cost or use your own cloud provider account
  • Provision, configure and monitor your cluster using the Instaclustr Console or REST APIs.
  • Management of access via IP ranges or security groups.
  • Option of connection to your cluster using public IPs or private IPs and VPC peering.
  • Private network clusters with no public IPs.
  • SOC2 certification will be introduced in Generally Available (GA) release
  • Highly responsive, enterprise-grade, 24×7 support from Instaclustr’s renowned support team.

15 May
  • Fixed issue relating to adding data centers to some clusters

08 May
  • Support for Cassandra 3.11.2 and 3.0.16


April 2018

24 April
  • Fixed ordering of node sizes on dashboard

23 April
  • Minor bug fix to configuration deployment

17 April
  • Major upgrade to internal tooling

10 April
  • Updates to node security

  • Restore API now returns the ID of the new cluster

5 April
  • Fix for minor bugs affecting some password resets and user invitations

  • Fix Pagerduty alert issue
  • Improvements to internal Monitoring Application and Alerting

3 April
  • Added new node administration feature for use by Operations team
  • Fixed issue affecting future certificate renewals

March 2018

29 March

27 March
  • Fix to Azure rack allocation calculation

26 March
  • Updates to Internal Monitoring System

22 March
  • Adding support for Elassandra (Cassandra 3.11.2 + Elasticsearch 5.5). Compatible with Spark 2.1.1
  • Updated Kibana monitoring timeout for new version

21 March
  • Fixed provisioning bug affecting provisioning new clusters in Google Cloud Platform

20 March
  • Improvements to cluster health check

15 March
  • Minor bug fix to provisioning and monitoring

  • Fix to internal monitoring system

13 March
  • Updated Azure pricing

8 March
  • Provide more informative error messages when failing to provision custom firewall rules

5 March
  • Minor internal alerting fix
  • Fixed backups list pagination on “Restore Cluster” page
  • Updated introduction text on the “Sign Up” page

1 March
  • Improved data centre joining and migration processes

February 2018

28 February
  • Infrastructure maintenance

22 February
  • Upgraded system to use Latest Pagerduty API

 20 February
  • Fixed a node replacement issue with older nodes

  • Improved two-step cluster deletion procedure

15 February
  • Upgrade to internal fleet monitoring tools
  • Resolved issues preventing provisioning of AWS i3.2xlarge in US_EAST2, EU_WEST_2 & AP_SOUTH_1

 12 February
  • Cassandra sidecar has been replaced by a generic sidecar module
  • Fixes to fleet logging

 7 February
  • Add additional monitoring checks to Instaclustr API

1 February

January 2018

30 January
  • Fix issue which would cause Elassandra root volume to fill under certain conditions.

18 January
  • Minor Console UI fixes.

8 January
  • Changes required to support most recent CoreOS version.

December 2017

20 December
  • Updated node security

19 December
  • Removed option to create new clusters based on AWS m3.xlarge

15 December
  • Centralised logging systems improvements to better work with NTP servers.

12 December
  • Adds 99th percentile client latency metrics to the monitoring API

November 2017

28 November
  • System updates to improve internal functionality of the cluster restore feature.
  • Adds support for logical racks

27  November
  • All Azure clusters will now use Premium Managed Disks with Storage Service Encryption for data at rest.

20 November
  • Displays CASRead, CASWrite and RangeSlice metrics on Console
  • Adds API Support for CASRead, CASWrite and RangeSlice metrics.
  • New look and feel for support articles
  • Added a new email template for customer, whose free trial expires in one day and has filled billing details.

15 November
  • Fix to certificate renewal process

 13 November
  • Support for AWS i3.2xlarge
  • Fix error on Instaclustr Console Spark page
  • Fix to cluster deletion process

02 November
  • Minor Console UI changes

01 November
  • Minor stability improvements to Monitoring API

October 2017

30 October
  • Support for Cassandra 3.11.1, 3.0.15, 2.2.11 and 2.1.19

25 October
  • Bug Fix: Monitoring API  metrics return 0.0 instead of NaN

24 October
  • New Feature: Private Network Cluster (Beta)

September 2017

22 September
  • New Feature: AWS SaaS Marketplace based billing

11 September
  • Minor fix to Free Trials
  • Improve node Security

4 September
  • Minor bug fixes to backups

August 2017

31 August
  • Resizeable nodes improvements
    • Updates to default node provisioning limits
    • M4-l Resizeable nodes removed
    • Resizeable nodes added to EU_WEST_2
  • Console Improvements
    • Fixed autocompleting 2FA/TOTP codes on login page.

30 August
  • Updated branding on selected customer communications.

28 August
  • Changes done to enable Broadcast Private IP for Azure -> RIYOA
  • Removed redundant Free Trial information when clusters are provisioned with RIYOA

25 August
  • Fixed bugs of storage permissions in backup process

24 August
  • Added options to choose custom subnet when creating or adding a data centre

22 August
  • Monitoring API updates
    • Changed metrics limits in a single monitoring api call to 20
    • Restored missing metrics incorrectly removed in previous deployment

21 August
  • Console and Monitoring API improvements
    • Fixed a bug preventing display of metrics for materialised views
    • Fixed a bug preventing display of certain latency metrics in Cassandra 3.11

17 August
  • Monitoring improvements
    • Added monitoring for Kibana

15 August
  • Minor improvements to restore process

2 August
  • Cassandra version update
    • Added support for Cassandra 3.0.14

July 2017

31 July
  • Console Improvements
    • Handle lack of certificates on the console
    • Handle bad Zeppelin link
    • Properly handle bundle versions selection

27 July
  • Certificate Management
    • Fix in certificate renewal process

24 July
  • Scylla 1.7.2
    • Added support as a preview release

20 July
  • Certificate Management
    • Fix in certificate revocation process

19 July
  • Metric Collection
    • Added configurable options for SLA metric collections

14 July

13 July
  • Cassandra version update
    • Added support for Cassandra 3.11, Cassandra 2.1.18 and Cassandra 2.2.10

11 July
  • Console Graph Improvements
    • Customers can now multi-select nodes on the Cluster Summary and Metric Graphs pages
    • Tooltip values are sorted, showing you the highest and lowest 5 nodes for a metric at any point in time
    • Nodes in large clusters are consistently coloured until you refresh the page

6 July
  • Spark Update
    • Release spark 2.1.1 with Scala 2.11
    • Updated Spark-jobserver 2.0.0 with Spark 2.1.1
    • Release a new image for Zeppelin 0.7.1 with Scala 2.11 and Spark 2.1.1

4 July
  • Added AWS Availability Zone Support
    • Customers can now provision Clusters across three racks (availability zones) in the Frankfurt (eu-central-1) and São Paulo (sa-east-1) regions.

June 2017

19 June
  • Automated Repair improvements
    • Improved handling of long running repairs
    • Improved handling of potential repair failure cases
    • Fixed an issue causing too many concurrent repairs

15 June
  • Elassandra/Kibana – Beta Release
    • Elassandra and Kibana are now available as options for automatic provisioning through the Instaclustr management console (currently offered as a beta release without SLAs).

May 2017

25 May
  • Cluster Data Centre Resize Support
    • Adds the facility to vertically scale an entire data centre by adjusting the number of CPU cores and Memory quota allocated to each node.

19 May
  • EU (London) Region Support on AWS
    • Customers can now provision clusters using the AWS EU_WEST_2 (London) region either in Instaclustr’s AWS account or their own account.

8 May
  • Console Update
    • Console/dashboard now indicates when Cassandra fails to report some metrics.

4 May
  • Console Update
    • Added spark Cassandra connector support to console
    • Fixed problem with CSS of Spark UI

3 May
  • Console Update
    • Corrected reported CPU instance details for AWS T2.Mediums

1 May
  • Console Update
    • Enforce restrictions on weak passwords

April 2017

24 April
  • Metrics collection
    • Improvements to make metric collection more resilient to Cassandra exceptions

18 April
  • AWS EBS Optimisation
    • Fix bug that caused some AWS instances to be not EBS-Optimized.

11 April
  • Spark Update
    • Release spark 2.0.2 with Scala 2.11
    • updated Spark-jobserver 2.0.0 with Scala 2.11
  • Zeppelin Update
    • Release zeppelin 0.7.1 with scala 2.11
  • Console Improvements
    • Updated Spark-Cassandra connector (Spark 2.0.2 for Scala 2.11)

7 April
  • GCP Offering
    • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) no longer in beta

6 April
  • Console Update
    • Corrected role description for cluster_admin role

March 2017

30 March
  • Support new Cassandra version
    • Added support for the new Instaclustr Cassandra LTS release 3.7 (v3)

14 March
  • Enable free trial on GCP
    • n1-standard-1 is now available for a 14 day free trial with Google Cloud Platform.

February 2017

21 February
  • Support new Cassandra versions
    • Added support for Cassandra 3.0.10 and Cassandra 3.10.

15 February
  • Support new instance type on AWS: R4 XLarge
    • Added support for R4 XLarge node size
    • Added 2 configurations: himem bulk (R4 with 2000G disk space) and himem balanced (R4 with 1200G disk space)

9 February
  • Zeppelin Update
    • released version 0.6.2 of Zeppelin
  • Azure Improvement
    • reduced memory footprint of backup process

2 February
  • Console Improvements
    • Fixed DAG Visualization display on Spark console

January 2017

11 January
  • Console Improvements
    • Fixed 30-day graph navigation
    • Cassandra Lucene plugin pricing change
    • Improved custom AWS tag application

9 January
  • New region support for AWS and Azure
    • US East (Ohio) and Asia Pacific (Mumbai) for AWS
    • Australia East (NSW) and Australia South East (Victoria) for Azure

4 January
  • Console Improvements
    • Added CSRF token check to logout path
  • Monitoring API
    • Added unit field to each metric

December 2016

28 December
  • Console Improvements
    • Added reCaptcha challenge on password reset requests

22 December
  • Cassandra Lucene Index
    • Added support for Cassandra Lucene Index Plugin as a preview release.
  • Azure Improvements
    • Fixed some issues related to provision in existing resource groups.
  • AWS RIYOA Tagging
    • Add ability to add custom tags for RIYOA instances

15 December
  • Console Improvements
    • Fixed Spark UI issues when using Jobserver

13 December
  • Azure Improvements and Monitoring API enhancements
    • Enabled provisioning in existing Azure resource groups
    • Removed Azure classic provisioner
    • Added Cassandra data centre name of each nodes into the returning monitoring information.

November 2016

30 November
  • Support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – Beta
    • Added support for GCP. Customers are now able to provision Cassandra & Spark clusters on GCP either in Instaclustr’s or their own account. For more details, please see this blog post.

22 November
  • Run in your own account security improvements
    • Changes to standard run in your own account cross-account trust configurations for improved security

21 November
  • Cassandra version update
    • Apache Cassandra ver. 3.7 (patched v2) and Datastax Enterprise 5.0.3, 5.0.4 added to provisioning options

14 November
  • Console improvements
    • Apache Cassandra ver. 3.7 (patched v2) and Datastax Enterprise 5.0.3, 5.0.4 added to provisioning options
    • Changed date format from dd/MM/yyyy to MMM d, YYYY

3 November
  • Console improvements
    • Removed availability of Datastax Enterprise as a distribution option. Please contact for DSE Support
    • Added a missing CSRF check to API key management form

2 November
  • Console/API and Provisioning infrastructure improvements
    • Changes to Instaclustr management architecture for improved security and reliability

October 2016

26 October
  • Console Improvements
    • Added previous/next period controls to graphs

25 October
  • Two-Factor Authentication
    • 2FA authentication added as an optional feature for all Console users.
  • Console Improvements
    • Fixed a graphing bug that displayed an error page immediately after a cluster has been provisioned.

18 October
  • Cassandra version update
    • Apache Cassandra ver. 3.9, 3.7 (patched), 3.0.9, 2.2.8 and 2.1.16 added to provisioning options
  • Console Improvements
    • SLA Latency metrics re-named to Synthetic Transactions
    • Reduced pressure on browser memory
    • Graph refresh is now much less annoying

6 October
  • Synthetic Transaction metrics
    • Synthetic transaction read and write latencies are available from dashboard and api.

September 2016

29 September
  • Console & Provisioning API Improvements
    • General minor improvements to the UI.
    • Provisioning API cluster info now exposes network and use private address broadcasting.

28 September
  • Zeppelin Update
    • released version 0.6.1 of Zeppelin with Spark Cassandra Connector 1.6.2

23 September
  • Console Improvements
    • Rack allocation displayed in cluster creation, and data centre and node addition forms.
    • Cluster details page now displays if Private Node Discovery is enabled or disabled.
  • Added third rack to AWS Sydney region
    • Clusters in AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) now support 3 racks (availability zones).

22 September
  • OS Load now available through console and API monitoring
    • OS Load metric is now available in console monitoring view and through our monitoring API.
  • Add node process improvements
    • Automated setting of some configurations when adding nodes and data centres to a cluster to reduce manual intervention required.
  • Changes to provisioning statuses
    • Node now moves to “provisioned” as soon as AWS instance makes contact with our system. “Joining” state added for nodes where Cassandra is running but in joining state. (Billing commences on joining or running state.)

21 September

8 September

2 September

1 September
  • Monitoring Graph Improvements
    • ability to disable auto refresh
    • graphs in a fixed order
    • sort keyspace and table names alphabetically
  • Make 3.7 default C* version for new clusters and remove 2.2.x from available versions for new clusters


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