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Testing Multiple Tables with Cassandra Stress

The cassandra-stress tool is a powerful tool for benchmarking Cassandra performance. It allows quite sophisticated specification of data and loads profiles to run against almost any table definition you can create in Cassandra. We’ve previously published detailed blog...

Cassandra’s Place in the NoSQL World

A question that we commonly get asked is “how does Apache Cassandra compare to NoSQL technology X?”. While the easy answer is to say “It’s just better”, the truth of course isn’t that simple. NoSQL encompasses a much more diverse range of technologies than the...


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Managed Cassandra versus DynamoDB

Overview A common question we here from potential customers is “how does Cassandra compare to DynamoDB”?  We’re big fans of AWS, in fact most of our business runs on EC2, and certainly believe DynamoDB is a great solution for some use cases. Of course, we also believe...

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