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PSD2: Modernising Europe’s payment market

Overview By January 2018 all European Union (EU) member states will have implemented the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). This directive has a primary goal of establishing a uniform, transparent and open EU payment market that promotes innovation and...

Maximising Availability with Apache Cassandra

Introduction A number of recent of events have had us thinking more than usual about maximising availability with Apache Cassandra. The first of these was the recent AWS S3 outage. While this outage did not have any effect on any of our managed clusters (other than...


Managed Cassandra versus DynamoDB

Overview A common question we here from potential customers is “how does Cassandra compare to DynamoDB”?  We’re big fans of AWS, in fact most of our business runs on EC2, and certainly believe DynamoDB is a great solution for some use cases. Of course, we also believe...

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