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Node hours under management



Software Licence Fees



Billion Dollar Customers



When it comes to operational expertize with Apache Cassandra we are second to none.

We have seen it all

The good, the bad and the ugly.  Small, medium and extra extra large.   Quiet, noisy and in between.

Hands on, real world experience

With our managed service we get hands on real world operational experience with every type of use case and deployment type.  We have also helped many of our customers scale at amazing rates as they become successful.

Efficient and effective deployment

Because we see it all we are in the great position to be able to help you tune your deployment to perfection.  Our managed service and enterprise support includes regular reviews of all of our customer’s clusters to ensure that they are both efficient and effective and capable of scaling in a controlled manner.

Our customers benefit from our experience

We get to see all ends of the spectrum and we have transferred that knowledge into our managed solution and enterprise support capability.


Why pay licensing fees when open source has the capability and the community?

The power back in your hands

Making the move to open source software is a one of power.  You are empowered to make technology decisions that are the best for your company.

No more negotiating licensing fees

Open source software means that there is no technology lock in with excessive licensing fees. You no longer have to deal with the highly incentivised sales guy trying to re-negotiate a contract.

Follow the leader

When you have aspirations of having every person on the globe with an account on your platform or application then paying licensing fees for infrastructure software is not an option.   Companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple are all more than comfortable with deploying open source technologies.

Less risk

Mass adoption of open source has resulted in community growth and contribution. OSS adoption with suitable management and support arrangements is now the norm. Technology lock in is far more risky for an enterprise than using open source technologies.


Continuous availability and seamless scale for mission critical applications. 

Enterprise grade

Our solutions and services are proven enterprise-grade. We have many customers that require zero downtime with constant and automated monitoring and alerting.

24/7/365 fully managed

You absolutely cannot claim to provide a managed service for Apache Cassandra if you do not have a 24/7 operation.  Our customers deploying this technology need continuous availability – that is why they choose Apache Cassandra.   Providing a person to come in and check and spend working hours on your cluster does not cut it.  Who is managing your cluster and when are they managing your cluster?

Not for the faint hearted

To provide the support you need to be continuously available and seamless scale you need expertise available and constantly monitoring. Enterprise-grade support cannot be delivered by a startup that is either bootstrapped or underfunded. Founders being woken up at 2am to fix a problem is not a suitable arrangement for an enterprise, mission critical application.

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