Why Instaclustr

Open Source Leaders with 24×7 Expert Support

Instaclustr delivers reliability at scale through the integrated data platform of open source technologies including Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka and Elasticsearch. 

We help our customers focus on innovating, building their application and their business, while we run their data infrastructure. Our multifaceted global team with offices in Australia, United States and Europe ensures your data is taken care of 24X7 every day of the year.

Operational Expertise

We are the open-source-as-a-service company with over 60 million node hours and over 6 petabyte of data under management.

Real World Experience

We have seen all kind of clusters - the good, the bad and the ugly. Small, medium, large, extra large, quiet, noisy and in between.

We have transferred that knowledge into our managed solutions, consulting services and enterprise support.

Efficient and Effective Deployments

Our managed service and enterprise support includes regular reviews of all of our
customer’s clusters to ensure that they are both effective and capable of scaling in a controlled manner.

Our Managed Service is tuned for performance and automates many of the ongoing maintenance and health check needs of this environment to reduce operational risks.

Holistic and Flexible Approach

With Instaclustr, you can operate your development and staging environments, right next to both your analytical and operational workloads.

We have taken a holistic and flexible approach that enables our customers to simply use one managed technology, or have a complete environment that manages the entire data layer for their application environment.

Delivering for Enterprise

Our solutions and services are proven enterprise-grade. We deliver managed services and 24/7 support for your mission critical applications and solutions.

Enterprise grade

Our solutions and services are proven enterprise-grade. We have many customers that require zero downtime with constant and automated monitoring and alerting.

Our Program, the Instaclustr Certification Framework for Open Source Software assess and test open source suitability for production and enterprise grade deployment.

Instaclustr Certification Framework

24x7x365 Expert Support

Our customers need continuous
availability and we guarantee 24x7 support to help them. Even if you need to manage your own cluster for various other reasons, the same dedicated experts that run our managed service can be on-call to support you.

Looking for Support

SOC 2 Certification

We have the highest international standards in security. We are the first hosted Cassandra service provider to meet the SOC 2 standards, ensuring that your data integrity is always protected.

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Open Source Commitment

We are on a mission to help our customers unleash the power of open source solutions. We regularly commit patches and new features to the open source projects.

No Licensing Fees

Open source software means there is no technology lock-in with excessive licensing fees. Making the move to open source software empowers you to make technology decisions that are the best for your company.

Mass Adoption

Gartner predicts that by 2022, more than 70% of new in-house applications will be developed using an open source DBMS – the transition is already well underway. High Tech Enterprises such as Netflix and Atlassian are already thriving after their full embrace of open source.

Get Power in Your Hand

Open source solutions inherently offer economies of scale and strong community support, and these attributes have been ever-more-strongly joined by robustness, manageability, high-performance, scalability, security, and reliability as open source technologies increase in prominence and recognition.

Integrated and Managed Open Source Platform

Our Managed Platform is one-stop destination for deploying, managing and monitoring all components of your data layer and related infrastructure. A  complete ecosystem for deploying your mission critical applications.


On our platform you can integrate all data layer technologies such as Cassandra, Kafka, Spark and Elasticsearch to work efficiently and effectively together.


Our clusters and management environment can scale incrementally and dynamically, ensuring efficiency and cost effectiveness. There is no specific limit on the amount that your solution can scale with us.


Our clusters, nodes and networked environment are all tuned for optimal performance.

Continuous Availability

Downtime is simply not an option. Our technologies and solutions have all been selected to ensure continuous availability.

Guaranteed SLAs

We provide uptime guarantees and also latency percentile guarantees for our customers. SLAs for our managed services commit to 100% uptime.

Multi-cloud or Hybrid Cloud

With us you can accelerate and enjoy both the multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud environment and ensure your applications deliver always and on-time.

Delivering for our Customers

Ensuring resiliency and providing the uptime and assurance that our customers are looking for. Large, small, mid-sized, start-ups, we are trusted by all.


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