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Announcing Instaclustr support for Microsoft Azure Managed Disks

Instaclustr delivers improved reliability and security on Azure with Azure Managed Disk support.

Instaclustr has released support for Azure Managed Disks with our Apache Cassandra, Spark and Elassandra Managed Service on Microsoft Azure. All new Azure clusters will automatically take advantage of the new storage type.

Managed disks are a new storage type launched by Microsoft recently, designed to ease management and increase security and reliability.

Managed disks offer increased reliability by automatically storing three replicas of data for increased fault tolerance and high availability. Using managed disks also does away with using storage accounts for disks. Managed disks are aware of availability sets and are automatically allocated to different fault domains, eliminating the single point of failure that existed previously.

Managed disks offer increased security by automatically encrypting data at rest using Storage Service Encryption in a user-transparent manner.

Instaclustr continues to use Premium SSD-backed storage for managed disks to ensure high performance storage. We have not seen any decrease in Cassandra performance when using managed disks in stress benchmarking tests.

Existing customers using Azure will be upgraded to Azure Managed Disks. Instaclustr’s Technical Operations team will contact affected customers in the coming months to schedule the upgrade.

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